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Crazy town

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Hey guys. Got some bad news but not about me. My fnhl cancer treatment is going great so far Thank God ! Going back for round four starting tomorrow. 

So the bad news (wish I was making this up) and im still a bit in shock. My brother has been having a lot of headaches, just generally feeling bad, etc, falling (which he didnt tell anyone about.) one of his friends finally convinced him to go to e.r on Saturday and he has a brain tumor which is being operated on wednesday. I dont know how they know anything without taking it out and biopsy, but they "say" from the looks of it and markers, etc... That it is most likely malignant Stage 4 brain cancer and there is not a lot they can do but remove as much of the tumor as possible to relieve the pressure on his brain and he may survive a year. I refuse to believe that. Soooooo crazy. Im just like really ????

Anyways im feeling pretty lucky now that I "only" have fnhl. Anyone have any experience on this topic with brain cancer?

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Gosh, Jace.  I'm sorry to hear this.  You and your brother are in my thoughts.  Please keep us updated.


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First -- happy about your great progress.  Second, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your brother.

If I recall correctly, someone wrote about a week ago about another relative with a newly-discovered brain tumor.  A close friend of mine also learned about two months ago that his daughter (she is about 45) has a brain tumor.  I am sure that you are aware that there is a Brain Cancer Board at this site. 

I hope it is determined that his prognosis is better than initially thought.



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Our thoughts are with you too.  This is a tough one.  We have a surprisingly amount of friends and acquaintances who have beaten brain cancer.  We hope that for your brother.  Becky & Bill

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It seems like it never stops. New cases every day. Hope the news is better than expected. John

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Sorry to hear about your brother.  This cancer roller coaster ride is freakin' ridiculous!  I will keep your brother in my prayers as well as you and your continued progress!


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Thanks guys... Hoping for the best!

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Hi Jace,

  I'm so sorry to hear this about your brother..my prayers are with him. I have 2 nieces in their early 40's who had brain tumors. Both had them removed, did radiation and have been doing fine for a few years now. Both go in for yearly scans and regular check ups and know there is always a chance of recurrance. Please visit the Brain Cancer discussion board where you can read the experiences they have gone through. I'm happy to hear your FNHL treatment is going well for you. Hang in there for your brother...he will need your love and support. Best wishes...Sue

(FNHL-stg3-grd2-typA-Dx 6/10-age 63) In Remission.

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Hey Jace, I am so sorry to hear that. Its like you sit there and think, "reallllly......."

Cancer REALLY sucks! I truly hate it!


How is your brother doing?

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Some years back (1990s)  I worked with a lady who was pregnant and had the same problems you mentioned your brother having. It turned out she had a brain tumor and it was cancer.  She got through it all fine and had a beautiful baby boy, whom the office dubbed the miracle baby. There is so much more they can do now than years ago. I wish your brother a successfull outcome also. I can happen!


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Hey guys, haven't stopped by in a bit. Brothers biopsy came back. Its gioblastoma grade 4, not any good. Hes been in hospital doing rehab all this time, recovering from surgery/possible tumor related stroke to remove 70 percent of one tumor and another one is too deep to do anything surgically. So... Hes getting out thursday... Finally ! We are moving him out of his apartment and hes moving in with a friend and a lot of people are going to be around to help him with anything and more rehab. Hes going to oncologist thursday to map out radiation chemo etc. They wanted him to heal a bit from surgery first. Anyways.... Yes im like really, cancer definately sucks ! Hoping and praying for the best. I'm starting round five of ritux/bendamustine next week, been lucky with little side effects and It is working. Yay!

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Thanks for the update, Jace.  Crap like this is very hard to deal with.  I lost my youngest sister to a brain anuerysm about 2 months after I finished chemo a couple years ago.  Sometimes life really throws nasty curve balls but we have to get through it. 

I wish you and your brother the best.  I'm glad the treatments ae working for you and it sounds like you are on the home stretch!

Hugs to you guys,


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