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This just gave me a chuckle

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I went to pick up my Vortirent yesterday and the pharmacist had me stay for 30 minutes to go over a few things. She talked about possible side effects, how to store this medication, and just a few other instructions. One of these just made me break out laughing, but I'm sure she didn't get it.

She told me that for the first 3 days after starting this med. that I ned to double flush the toilet after using it, I must clean the toilet and sink after using the bathroom, no one can use the bathroom after me until I clean it. #1- I hate cleaning toilests at home, let alone I work at an elementary school and I seriously have no intention of cleaning a school bathroom.  :)

I was told that for the first 3 days taking this drug, I need to wash my hands before and after touching anybody. Geeeze, I'll be doing nothing but cleaning bathrooms!

Thought some of you might understand the humor in this. Have a good day everyone. Might not hear from me fast, as I will most likley be cleaning some bathroom.    :)

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WOW! Those were interesting instructions! Now, I am kind of sorry that mom gets her meds through the mail, I would have love to have seen her expression when she was told to scrub the toilet and wash her hands before and after touching someone.  I have never heard any of this before.  Are you sure this isn't April 1st?  LOL

Did they tell you not to eat 2 hours before taking the Votrient and an hour after taking it? Also do you plan on taking it at night?

Glad you have your meds now Baaa-bs, I hope all goes well! Don't forget to wash! LOL

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not to eat with your fingers!

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Fox I was always told that you eat your fingers after..

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I suppose that "wet-willies" are forbidden as well. Sheesh.

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Eskimo lily
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That definitely gave mom and me a chuckle!


Like ange, we also receive our votrient by mail so we're not able to enjoy these instructions being explained to us!

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I've decided to take my dose at bedtime to maybe avoid some of the side effects. Since I go to bed early, I'm able to have 3 hours time wise after I eat. So far, so good. Today we do day 2.


I thought her instructions were a little wierd.... knew you'd all love it too.

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Well, I shared your instructions with my mom... i cannot tell you the Italian words she said! LOL  But you can just imagine the chuckle she got out of that one! Keep up the good work Baaa-bs... laughing is good medicine! 


Let us know how you are doing....  xxoo

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That was just probably her subtle way of telling you no sex for the first three days! ;). No Willies...wet or dry!  I don't know how you kept a straight face.

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Gordon Charles
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Imagine the scrubbing necessary for a man who stands up when he urinates.  You'd be scrubbing the whole floor on your hands and knees....kinda of wonder what that stuff is doing inside of you ?????