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...that one day we will have a pink heart shape pill that cures all cancers and our biggest complaint will be that it comes only in 6 different flavors. Please, join me in this dream and until then god bless us with nothing but happy hopeful days.


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Amen Laz, Amen.


The day you visit the oncologist and he/she says, "No worries, it's just cancer...what flavor would you like?"

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I know you from the colon board. I'm actually a 12 year (stage IVB) Hodgkin's survivor. You are such a great source of hope and have a lovely, kind heart. Thanks for stopping on all the boards to share your dream. You're a good man Laz!


Peace, Laurie  (ellamenno)

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Lovely. I definitely join you in that dream.

Ailidh - Stage 1, newly in remission

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...that the more people believe the faster we will get to better and better solutions. This is why I visit other groups and talk about this everywhere I can. I know this is just a dream now, but so was the power of flight, curing infections with antibiotic, preventing viral infections by vaccinations that killed and disfigured millions every year, extending the life of HIV Patients. 

Without dreams there is no realization of dreams.


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I also join your dream.  Lost my father to cancer when I was five.  So long ago.  He was a chemist and his dream was to find a cure for Cancer.  (He did not get into research, but wanted to.)


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Max Former Hodg...
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Sometimes dreams come true, even later in age. Even when the dreamer has been laughed at a bit.   This video has inspired many millions to keep dreaming, regardless of age.

You never know what a person has in them; what dreams might emerge, to shock themselves or the world.





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We have God's guarantee.  I never get tired of watching that video Max.

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