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NorCal Medical Cannabis Event Sept 7 San Francisco

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Please take time and attend this event if you can get to San Francisco on Sept 7. The organization's mission is to prmote education and awareness of the benefits of medical cannabis.


Also, if any of you have any time to volunteer, please give them a call. There are all sort of jobs they need help to prepare for the event. I am volunteering as it is vital to have alternatives to all the toxic prescription drugs peddled by big pharma and many brainwashed medical professionals. The more we learn and apply the better for all HNC and cancer patients.


September 7, 2013, San Francisco. Former Mexican President Vincente Fox will speak at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo.INTCHE will host its 3rd Annual Connoisseurs Cup at the Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco CA, 10am-9pm, to promote its mission of education, awareness and advancement of medicinal cannabis and hemp. This will be the first of its kind for San Francisco and has been well anticipated by both INTCHE and the City of San Francisco. It expects to have over 10,000 attendees and will have a 215 section, where collectives will be located and approved for safe access distribution of medicine for patients with a valid recommendation card. In addition, there will be a non-215 section where patients and non-patients can view and interact with a diverse group of vendors and attractions such as glass blowing and fire-dancers. There will also be keynote speakers with credible backgrounds giving insight to current medicinal cannabis laws and presenting personal stories regarding medicinal cannabis as a beneficial alternative to modern medicine. We will have a wide variety of food vendors available, in addition to live music. info@intche.net Office:  650-375-8444

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maybe we can all go.....and we can stay with you!! Yes? Laughing 

Are you going to go?


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Sorry I will not be able to attend. I will be visiting my son in Florida and have plans to hook up  with John for some coffee. You could come and bring some hash brownies. Seriously, if I was out that way I would swing by just for the education.

We will expect a full report after the event.


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Hi P,

All you out of towners can stay over, sure!

I am volunteering to help with the event, hoping to get more educated about the benefits and state of the art of medical cannabis. When I went to the organizing office, I was so trilled to meet the folks there and they are truley coming from the same place. The head lady told me her story about how her husband died from cancer and he benefited toward the end and wants to educate and increase awareness of the bona fide benefits. One of the other ladies raises her arms up with bruises showing bruises from infusion to control her MS.

They were so thankful of my offering to help so this makes me really feel good at last that some good is coming from my cancer. They mentioned the Sanjay Gupta thing is HUGE and hopefully going to speed up the progress of states adopting medical cannabis.

I can say that even here in California, there is a stigma about pot, even after nearly 20 years of medical use being legal, so this is going to be a slow and even generational change in the mindset of the public. Maybe once the Feds and states line up that will reduce much of the confusion and allow people to accept its use. In fact, there needs to be more work done to define and educate about the necessary laws needed to make it safe and acceptable, much like alcohol - when and where can you do it, etc.


Edibles have their benefits, like adding calories to us calorie starved cancer survivors trying to pack on a few pounds LOL. It will be really interesting to hear what is going on with growers and high CBD strains similar to those mentioned in the Gupta weed documentary. Maybe there will be more demand and inventory of the high CBD strains in the dispensaries as what is available is pretty slim. There are dispensaries now that only sell product that has been full tested by certified labs as to content so one make truely informed selections as to the blend of THC vs CBD content.

Stay tuned.

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I volunteered for this event and helped distribute flyers to dispensaries prior to the event and spent a very long day at the event helping out. It was EXTREMELEY valuable and I really want to share what I learned about using cannabis for medical purposes. I am still digesting so much information I will post in chunks.

Skipping to the last chapter - I am TOTALLY convinced that cannabis contains active ingredients that can help cancer paitents during treatment and as survivors after treatment.

I feel really blessed to live where I do and able to communicate what I am learning to others about the benefits of medical marijuana and clear away so much FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) over this drug.

It is a VERY big international conversation and movement to legalize marijuana not just here in the USA but other countries. I have to share this photo to give some idea as to how large is has become. 

Spoiler - read backwards o c i x e m   f o  s e r p -  x o f  e t n e c i v

Look for updates as I grind through all the information and make some calls etc. don

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