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Routine doctor's appointment

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NOT. . .no not me!  Went to Stanford Tuesday for one of 2 appointments post treatment.  Microvascular surgeon was getting ready for a little nip, tuck (spot in incision site, graft opens up at least once a month).  I reminded him about the pain that I have been having and have gone back on pain meds.  He talked to Onc. Surgeon, MRI scheduled for later that day.  (Blue Cross BS is fast when there are symptoms).  Wednesday returned for my scheduled appt. with Onc, Surgeon.  MRI showed thickening on nerve, he talked to a neuro guy, thought the same thing, 'c' returned.  Tumor board is today, we should hear this evening if I will need a biopsy to confirm and what I might be able to do, surgery and chemo.  Well, getting ready to fight again.  I will fight to the end.  Cancer stinks.

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You were one of my first responders and I have always felt a “cancer kinship” to you.

Bless your strength for fighting this battle and I pray that the outcome gives you many more happy years.


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Thank you Matt.

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I hate this cancer crap, too!  KT....you are the fighting-est woman I know....But the tumor board hasn't met yet, and no biopsy has been had....so until those things take place...."it ain't cancer till they say it is". 

Sending a ton of positive thoughts your way, dear lady....and tucking you into my pocket for safe keeping.


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Awww Crap! (to second what P said)

After cancer I don't think there's a routine doctor's appointment anymore. I hope their suspicions are wrong but if not, give Jack a good kick in the teeth! You have the right attitude and spirit. 

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!


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Yes cancer sucks.  Thinking of you.  Hoping for better news. 



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kt, u've got the right attitude to kick some serious "c" butt!!!!  keep that and u'll b fine.  i will b praying for you and that the biopsy isn't needed b/c its not cancer.  like p said, it ain't cancer until the doc says it is.  keep us posted.


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Sorry to hear the C is back again, but you are a strong fighter so keep in there and know the rest of us are there with you when you need. I will add you back to my prayer list.


God Bless

Tim Hondo

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I am sorry you are still having to deal with the beast, my thoughts and prayers are with you



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Ingrid K
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Hi Bev

so sorry to hear this latest news....but remember our famous mantra.....it's nothing until a biopsy says it's something.

Sending you extra strength to get thru this next hurdle.

You can do it...whatever it turns out to be.


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You always have that positve attitude - keep it up.  Sending positive energy and good mojo your way!


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D Lewis
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SO very sorry to hear this news. Sending healing and uplifting thoughts your way. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you and yours.


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Boy, it would be such a relief if a biopsy is done and comes back negative. But it seems the docs have a pretty strong hunch there is recurrence. If that is the case, I know you are fighter and will beat it back down again. Best to you, Don

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My thoughts and prayers are with you, my dear.  Keep up the fight.  God bless.


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