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Your prayers and mojo worked!!!

luv4lacrosse's picture
Posts: 1407
Joined: Jul 2010

Once again my CSN buds pulled me from the abyss. My scanhash owed continued shrinkage of the lung tumors and the mediastinal nodes. The beast continues to try to silence me, and all I have to say to the beast is F$&K you!! You will eventually get me, but it will be on my terms, not yours.

You all rock!!

I do not post often, but log on often. I'm still here because of this frat!!

Love u all


jim and i's picture
jim and i
Posts: 1692
Joined: May 2011

Keep on fighting. You may still see NED. I believe in miracles


peggylulu's picture
Posts: 367
Joined: Dec 2012

Wonderful news !! I'm so happy to hear your good news . Keep up what you are doing .

osmotar's picture
Posts: 956
Joined: Jul 2011

Wonderful news

phrannie51's picture
Posts: 3884
Joined: Mar 2012

I'm sitting here grinning from ear to ear.....WHOO HOO!!!  Great news, and congratulations.....best news I've heard for a while.....perfect way to end my night, too.

YOU ROCK, Mister!!


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Posts: 131
Joined: Jul 2012

Mike, your strength just leaps out from that post.  Whatever you are doing to shrink the beast is awesome so keep at it.  Nice of you to give some kudos to the "frat".  Any victory shared is a source of hope.  Thank you for bringing your joyful update here to let everyone know that the prayers and mojo are working.  Bravo and stay strong!

sin9775's picture
Posts: 198
Joined: May 2013

So very happy for you, Mike.  Cheers to your own terms!!


patricke's picture
Posts: 491
Joined: Aug 2006

Hey Mike, YOU ROCKI, congratulations on the continued shrinkage, and here's sending you positive energy to kick the beast's buttocks, and for them to totally disappear.  Keep it movin forward!  Love right back atcha....*


VanessaSLO's picture
Posts: 280
Joined: Jul 2012

I'm so very happy on these news!! Continue to fight this beast with all the energy you have! Your optimism and strength will help you to fight it in the future!! You're the winner! Congrats!!!!

TracyLynn72's picture
Posts: 748
Joined: May 2013

Love to hear the good news!!  Keep it up!  Reading this has made for a great start to my day!!!

Grandmax4's picture
Posts: 597
Joined: Dec 2011

Kiss that Jack!!!!!!

Jimbo55's picture
Posts: 572
Joined: Jun 2010

Hey Mike, that is just awesome news. Stay strong and Cheers!



debbiejeanne's picture
Posts: 2682
Joined: Jan 2010

wtg mike!!!  u just keep showing the beast who the boss is, YOU.  YOU ROCK!


Posts: 69
Joined: Jul 2012

Congratulations!  That is wonderful news.  Keep up the good fight! Hope you are enjoying Austin.  I am giving you a shout out from Houston. Have you been to the Guadaloupe River yet or Greune? When it gets coller they are great places to camp.


Posts: 1866
Joined: May 2012

News like yours brings tears of joy and happiness to my heart !  Fight on my dear friend.....you are a true warrior in every sense of the word !  Many hugs sent to you and your wonderful family !  Katie

Skiffin16's picture
Posts: 8108
Joined: Sep 2009

I thought you were going to finish the phrase with;

"I do not log on often, but when I do, it's with a Corona in hand"..., LOL

Congrats Mike, keep on keeping on....

I'm like you, "I'm going kicking and screaming"...



luv4lacrosse's picture
Posts: 1407
Joined: Jul 2010

I don't get Squamos Cell Carcinoma often, but whe I do!! (Feel free to fill in the blanks)

you rock JG

luv ya brother!!

Mike aka "most exiting carcinoma in da world!!

donfoo's picture
Posts: 1350
Joined: Dec 2012

So glad to hear the fight is paying off. Another exaxmple of continuing the search for help when others are not so encouraging. Keep fighting!

Hondo's picture
Posts: 5999
Joined: Apr 2009

Very good news and happy for you my friend, keep on getting strong



Laralyn's picture
Posts: 455
Joined: Apr 2012

Keep that sucker at bay! :-)

BTW, there is some interesting research on modified citrus pectin and its ability to stop or slow metastasis. I'm not recommending it over traditional treatments, but the evidence is promising for its use as a "doesn't hurt and might help" sort of supplement (along with cucurmin).

Ruben and Jude's picture
Ruben and Jude
Posts: 155
Joined: Apr 2013

That's great news. Continued success and strength.  Laughing

CivilMatt's picture
Posts: 3130
Joined: May 2012


Very good news, make cancer take the back seat.

Keep fighting the battle, you rock buddy.


D Lewis's picture
D Lewis
Posts: 1548
Joined: Jan 2010

Shrink on, you wretched evil cells! Thanks for sharing your happy news. I was wondering how you were doing.


Tim6003's picture
Posts: 1501
Joined: Nov 2011

Just posted I said a prayer on one of your posts and to keep us posted, to scroll down and see you did keep us posted and with great news!!!!  Yee Haw Mike!!!



fishmanpa's picture
Posts: 1140
Joined: Jan 2013

Way to kick A$$! Great news!


arndog64's picture
Posts: 535
Joined: Mar 2011

Hey Mike,


Did anyone tell you lately that your are a bad ass!!! Well you are.. Keep up the fight.. You are one tough dude..

hwt's picture
Posts: 2041
Joined: Jun 2012

Awesome news!!! So happy for you and yours

Greg53's picture
Posts: 829
Joined: Apr 2010



No way am I surprised – Bad Ass and North St. Louis County – synonymous. 


Great news, Mike!!!!  Made my day.


My best to you



Joel4's picture
Posts: 206
Joined: May 2010

Mike, this is such great news!  I love your attitude and I will continue to keep you in my prayers.  Your attitude is awesome, you got me all fired up over here!

Posts: 209
Joined: Sep 2012

I am so happy to hear your news....way to go !!!! As always we got your back,


Posts: 291
Joined: Apr 2011

WHAT AWESOME NEWS!  Keep at it my friend.  Think of you so often.





luv4lacrosse's picture
Posts: 1407
Joined: Jul 2010

Thank you all of my CSN buds for the well wishes and kind thoughts. 

I love U guys!!


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