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has anyone heard from Vickilg?

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I have been thinking about her and wondered if anyone here keeps in touch with her off the board.

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Bumping up

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Hoping someone has some information on her!



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Vicki had very little information in her profile.  In her posts she did mention her husaband and daughter.

I did some searches and found the following:


The picture looks similar to her avatar and the age is in the range she had listed.

Again, I do apologize if this is not the person we were looking for.

Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks for posting. That must be her even her middle an last initial match the last 2 letters of her username. How said. 

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the sad news just keeps coming.  She was so young.  I feel so sorry for her family.  Thanks for looking for her, Marie.


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So young! So beautiful! And half her life cut off by this horrible disease.

Even if this is not our Vickliig (but I think it is), my heartfelt condolences go to this young womens famil

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I am so sad to read this :(  I've been thinking of her a lot since she posted that she was stopping treatment - so sad.

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Thought of her a lot and am soooo sad now to read this news . Sending strength to her family

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I read her obituary, and you are right, I'm sure it is her. What a beautiful, brave person...I don't know if I could be as brave as she was...


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This makes me so sad.  I knew that she was stopping chemo...but I thought the Drs had talked about 6 months to a year.  I viewed the obituary page...it could be our dear Vicki.



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Marie, thanks so much for doing the research and for sharing this very sad news. I was so afraid that this may be the case because we hadn't heard from her in a while ... my thoughts are with her family during this very upsetting times. I pray for peace and strength to deal with this profound loss.

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Nana b
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Very sad.  I haven't been on the site often enough, I didn't know that she wasn't responding to chemo.  Damm.  



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Thanks for finding that Marie. I knew she lived in Florida, her husband surprised her last summer with a cruise. It seems this cancer crap is just knocking people out by the bunches. I hate cancer! So sad, I knew Vicki fought all she could for her family. It is just so depressing.

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know what to say Vicki was a good friend and she called me her spleen buddy but her and i never spoke a lot so i never knew that this has happend.thank you for finding this info.my life right now seems it has been consumed by death,it is all around me, i try to stay positive but in the end i know this cancer will win.....Godbless and Vicki you dont have to be in any more pain and sickness,hoping one day i will see my spleen buddy in Heaven...Johnnybegood

Cathleen Mary
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Vicki was such an amazing woman!  My heart aches for her family. So sad.

So much loss lately.

Strength to all.

Cathleen Mary

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This is so sad to read

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So sorry.  I'm just devestated by all the recent bad posts.  I'm just so sad.



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I didn't realize she was so young.  What a shame.  Such a loss.

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So sad.


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You are missed. My condolences to her family and friends.


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To loose another friend is indeed hard. My condolences to Vicki's and Doc Hawk's families.

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My condolences to Vicki's daughter, husband and family.  This is what I thought as well ... not like Vicki not to be on in such a time.  She was in pain .. now to be relieved ... peace to her and her family. So not fair!

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for those who have not read.

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Wow, I haven't been on in awhile and I'm just completely sad at this point from all the posts.  I know Vicki said a few months ago that things were not going well and she was stopping her treatments.  I just thought she'd pull through.  Just a little older than I am, somehow I thought her body would find a way.  Her poor daughter.

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