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Care and feeding of the head...

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Hi All..!  Time for me to post on my latest "Care and feeding of the (my) head"...   So one of my main interests or is that obsessions, is having my bike race on the IOM.  I have been going almost every year to the IOM since 2000.  And last weekend was crunch time..  I did 3 all nighters in a row.. needless to say Monday I was out..!  But my bike made it to the shipper with about 10 minutes to spare..!!

I also do a "Shop Nite" on most Wednesday's..  one of my pal's (another bike guy) got some bad news about two months ago.. along with his Prostate Cancer he was told he had Pancreatic Cancer.  And of course some Mets to his Liver.  At first I went OH ****..!   OK, so they did a Biopsy and found out that his Pancreatic Cancer was a rare very slow growing type.. but the other issues needed to be addressed.  Last week he had surgery at Stanford.  His surgeon made sure he knew that he was the best in the WORLD.. in fact the Doc repeated that four times during the pre-op meeting.  Does not matter if that is 100% true, it gave good confidence..!  And the surgery went well, whew..!!   Jon showed up last nite and he looked like normal..!  Oh yes his Lady is also an RN so he got extra good care..   We compared notes and we both agreed how great the entire staff is up at Stanford and how well things went considering..  So Jon lifts his shirt to show his scar.. and of course ME being a guy I do like wise.  Yes mine was bigger, but mine also is mostly healed up and not readily visible.  This gave Jon a smile thinking his scar too would heal this nicely, and I bet it does..!!  I made sure that they both knew about this forum and soon I bet they will be posting in the appropriate sections.. or maybe show up here, just to say hello..!  I did brag about how good all of you are in trying to help and all the knowledge on treatments, etc.

Ah.. I feel darn good some days..!  Hope all of you have a great day as well...  Oh yes, about 8 weeks until I head to the IOM.. here is a parody on the IOM races.. enjoy..  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hVQp1Wxl1w&feature=youtu.be

Ron :)

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I hope you have a great day and an even better weekend Ron:)

You might want to pack some warm clothes when you come over this way. There has been very little sunshine so far, all you see are swathes of grey clouds. Everywhere is a lovely lush green but that is because it never stops flipping raining!!

I know the weather won't put a damper on it for you though, so I hope you enjoy your trip.



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The IOM sounds very cool. But what do you do without bike between now and then??? (Got replacements in the garage???)

Hope this year is extra special: you've earned itl!!!

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Hi Alice..!!  Well... for me, bikes are like Lays Potato Chips... can't have just one.. :)   However my street bikes both need work.. So next weekend I see if I can fix one of them and go for a nice local ride.  The California coast is awesome..!

Be Well..!

Ron :)  i don't want a pickle.. jus wanna ride my motor sickle....   And I don't want to die...  just wanna ride my motor cy.... cle...   Good Ole Arlo Guthrie...

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