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Narrowing in pharnayx

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Hey everyone,


during my last swallow study they said i have a narrowing to my pharanyx and they believe it to be scar tissue from rsds during NPC tx? They believe this among other things is why i have trouble swallowing.  Ive heard others ha e esphagus narrowing but anyone had this one and would diliatiOn work? And what is diliation? I hope seome has had it to ease my mond, not concerned they sincerely belie e its just scar tissue.


thanks in advance guys and gals,



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Hi Rachel


Dilation is where they just insert a balloon like tube to stretch the muscle. What ever you do keep working your jaw and doing the exercises they tell you to do daily. Don’t miss a day. I lost the ability to swallow about a year ago and now live off the PEG tube. It’s not all that bad because it keeps me alive but I would rather eat the way God intended me to eat.


Take care




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is that just for esphagus or thoart as well?  Sorry for your swallow still relearning. Myself any chance youll eat again?


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Dilations stretch both the back of the throat and the esophagus.  When it is done you are normally asleep and only have a little sore throat afterwards.  It is like when they do an endoscopy.  My husband has had several over the last 3 years due to laryngeal cancer and now cancer at the cervical of his esophagus.  He can swallow soft foods but mainly relies on his peg tube.  While I don't have cancer, I have had several dilations done in the past due to narrowing of the esophagus.


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