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Update Folfiri + Zaltrap

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Hi All,

Just wanted to give an update on my Zaltrap experience.  It's not as exciting as Pete's adventures in Germany but still worth a mention :-)

I actually had to look at my profile to see when I started Zaltrap - I started in Oct 2012.  I can't believe it's been that long!  But that explains why I'm ready for a chemo break. Rewind & update for everyone (or you can read my profile): I was running out of options because I was on different chemos and the cancer kept progressing.  Ever since peritoneal mets show up in Dec 2011 every scan showed progression in the peritoneum, omentum, and pelvic area. I also had acites and my abdominal cavity was filling with fluid (acites) and I looked pregnant.

I just finished my 13th round of Folfiri + Zaltrap (every two weeks). I also get Neulasta shot every two weeks and an Xgeva shot every month.  I bet the Dr hears cha-ching every time I walk in LOL!

I had a CT scan after 6 rounds and there was no progression as compared to previous CT scan.  Acites disappeared and there was actually some shrinkage.  I had a scan after 12 rounds and there was no progression and no acites.  The plan was to make it to 16 rounds and take a break.  The first few months of treatment I felt good but as the treatments progressed I am just wiped out.  Losing my hair (like that matters huh?), lost 40 pounds, have zero appetite and therefore zero energy. At this point, I feel crappy for about 10 days after chemo. I get 4 pretty good days then back on chemo.  In the beginning I felt crappy only for a day or two.  The last two treatments have probably been the roughest.  I'm thinking maybe if I get treatments every three weeks instead of every two, I can tolerate it better. I am very grateful that there is no progression with this chemo combo.

Happy Easter to all!




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That's great news, Ron. Happy Easter.


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No progression  is a good thing. I am glad to hear it.

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