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Hi From the SW Desert of Arizona

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Hi Everyone,

While I don't post often anymore, I do try to read the post(s) everyday. All has been well, I'm now almost 15 months out of treatment, all scans to date have been good. My Ent, Oncologist , and Radiologist have cut back my every 3 month vists now to 6 months, they just don't all fall back to back to back, but thats ok. I see my onco in June and we will pick a date as to when I have my power port removed. I'm eating well, maintaining the weight loss I had during tratments, 95+ % of my taste has returned, and my saliva is pretty good most days, but I still sip water all day long, my voice fades on me when I talk a lot thru the day. All in all my health has been good, no complaints. I'm working full time, but certainly not the 60+  hour weeks I used to, I'm now a 40 hour a week person after too many years in the telecommuncations business.  In January I joined a Crossfit program, if any of you know what Crossfit is you might say what the heck was she thinking; but I can tell you it's been great, I workout 3 days a week. I've also met someone who has become special in my life ,  he understands the treatrment regiment I had , and we take it a day at a time.

To my favorite band of warriors, my H&N family...you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings to all of you wherever you are in your journey .






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Sounds like you are doing well. I love Arizona but boy having a dry mouth must be quite a challenge there :-)
Cross fit, are you kidding me? You are my hero, that is some hard stuff! My son and husband do it and so do a lot of friends. It is so intense. I'm still trying so hard to gain my weight back that I'm trying hard not to burn calories so as of yet I've not joined. All I know is it really kicks their butts!
I'm happy you have found a someone special, and he understands what you are going thru.
Keep feeling good and keep us posted.

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Sounds like you are doing marvelous......

Awesome news, and I couldn't be happier for you...


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SW desert,  how nice.  I spent a spring and summer in the White Mountains back in the early 80’s.


Glad to hear you are doing fine, it sounds like you stay busy.


Keep getting better.



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so very happy for you Linda. doc visits every six months is so nice. 

may you continue to have fun with excitement in the air. 


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so very happy for you Linda. doc visits every six months is so nice. 

may you continue to have fun with excitement in the air. 


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So glad to hear things are so positive for you.   Thanks for all your help over these last couple years...

all the best,


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What a great report. And finding someone special. I have a special  someone, and know how important that someone is/can be in your life. Best to the both of you; you'll make a great team I'm sure. Rick. 

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and next year at this time, hopefully I'll be down there snowbirding!!

You sound like you're doing great!!  Congrats on your new special person Laughing....


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Such great news you have! I'm so glad all is well.

I'm happy also that there is someone special in your life.

Ah, the telecommunications business. I remember it well.

Just at the beginning of our journey now, I hope to be able to post a duplicate of yours someday.



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Great to hear from you, and it sounds like you're doing well! It's always comforting and encouraging to hear from folks who are out there living and achieving after treatments. :-)

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Linda, so glad to hear you are doing well and equally as happy to hear you have someone special in your life "who gets it." I have been on trips to Tuscon, Scottsdale and Palm Springs and absolutely love everything about the desert environment. I am moving to Austin Tx in May, and although it is not the desert, the hot and dry weather will work well for me, and I can have cactus in my yard.

good to get an update from you.



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D Lewis
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Now I am impressed.  Glad to hear that all is well. :)


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linda, glad to hear all your good news.  congrats!

God bless,


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Life sounds pretty darn good girl !  Thank you for posting, as everyone loves to hear of fellow warriors living life to the fullest.  Don't over do, but continue to inspire us !  Katie

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Way to go Linda!


Glad to hear you're doing well!  Crossfit training huh?  You can probably beat up the guys that give you trouble about your name.  But before you beat me up, you gotta teach me how to cut back to 40 hours a week- I'm back to the 60+ hours again at work. Congrats on the new friend also - good for you!





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Sorry I did not see this post sooner....how wonderful that you are doing so well.  My last tx was in January 2012...so looks like we are nearly the same timeline.

Now don't go forgetting about us and give that special someone ALL the intention, we are a jealous bunch you know ... :) :)



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