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On To Plan B,C,D............?

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I'm lost in this alphabet.

Went for first chemp appt. today, but committe has decided that lung cancer is growing way too fast and more likely to metastasize to non treatable areas than H&N. So, the new plan is 10 lung rads instead of 4, one week of rest, and then on to chemo.

He seems to be getting weaker and weaker, so trying to push the calories with the new G-tube.

Bright spot of the day was due to chemo cancellation, I was able to run him to the Urologist's and get the catheter out. At least, one discomfort lessened.



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something new...but it sounds to me like a good plan, if the lung tumors are growing fast.  Glad to hear he got the cath out....every misery that gets deleted makes things more bareable.  How's his mouth doing today?


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Especially after I finally made it to Walmart for the Hydrocodone Elixir. So at least he's resting. He's completely wrung out.

My poor countertop looks like a pharmacy or a drug dealer's house. LOL

Three different nurses tried to access his port for labs today. Finally got enough blood. It was funny when I mentioned it to the chemo doc. He just said "Well, that's for putting something in, not taking something out."

A day of rest tomorrow, or at least no appts. Surgeon's follow-up is for Fri. next week. P.A. scheduled it for the wrong Fri.  So just 9 appts. so far for next week. But I know you've all been there, done that.



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Hopefully hit it hard and beat the crap out of it...



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Sorry you are going through so much wolfen...how you are doing it is beyond me ....one thing I can say from you posts is you are on it and a great caretaker...

Whispered a prayer things will get better and for best possible outcome....

Keep us posted,



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I think we all just do what we must. Why, just look at you and all those little ones you chase after. It reminds me of when my youngest grandson was born. My sixteen year old son became an instant single parent and as they lived with us, I got up every two hours for feedings while maintaining my 10 hour a day job. After a couple of months, I asked him to rotate feedings with me. He looked at me and said, "But Mom, you're used to it". It was harder at 48 than it was at 32, just as this is harder at 66. Not quite sure what keeps me going, but expect it's love and necessity, a lesson he learned at a young age. I have also been taking care of "someone or other" since I was sixteen.



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Oh Wolfen,

I wish we would have known each other years ago, our path's are so much alike !  I was 38, when our first grandchild came along.  My daughter just turned 16.  I helped too much...my Mom intervened.  I made those kids take care of their own....it was terrible for me.  I wanted to jump in all the time !  Just within the past few months, I have given up all my problems to the higher power, and just relaxed.  Type A personality, always there to fix others problems.  Still bite at the reigns some days wanting to do this.  You are a wonderful woman, but know to take care of yourself too !  Katie

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Sounds like your husband is being followed very closely.  Comforting that they change plans quickly and rads can do it.  Rads are cancer's nemesis, so the more the better (within reason).  If they feel they can beat cancer down with more rads....go for it.

Wolfen, you are amazing.  As for calories, I got something called benecalorie.....it's 360 cals for a TBSP liquid that you add to anything.  Maybe the nutritionist has some you could try?

Sending positive thoughts for energy and healing your way.


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You are so good... making the best of each day, flexible enough to change paths at a dime, you are an inspiration to me and I am sure many others. Glad to hear that the catheter is out and and that makes one less follow up and a lot of comfort for him.

I really hope you get to enjoy your 'unscheduled' day today.. know you are in my thoughts everyday.



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Coming your way.


I read your posts and you amaze me with your resiliency. It seems time after time you encounter a wall, step back for a moment, find a way to scale it and continue forward with nothing more than a shake of the head and a sigh as if to say "Again?". Yet you do so every time. I admire your attitude and spirit. They call a cancer patient a warrior. Little do they know that the caregiver has to be equally as strong and brave, if not more so. 


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For your kind words and just being "you".

Kirsten, I wrote down the "benecalorie" and will ask about it. I'm trying to get him to drink(while he's able) a couple of cans of the Glucerna that was provided. Each can is 356  and the goal is 2,000 per day. It takes about 5 hours to pump one can. Just trying to sort all this out is mind boggling. You mentioned kidney stones on another post. I had them 50 years ago. I likened them to labor pains. That long ago, they gave you meds to dissolve them or surgery. No zapping back then.

"T", I don't feel like a warrior, but in a way, I guess we caregivers are. We each have our battle scars. A caregiver's are just on the inside.



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