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Hip replacement

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David had chemo this morning and will continue on a Monday schedule. We saw the orthopedic surgeon today. He has spoken with our hematology oncologist and they have decided David needs a hip replacement. So we go on March 7 for a hip replacement at UK and will stay a few days and then David will do intensive therapy at Cardinal Hill. We hope to have more news when we see Dr. Monohan on the 28th, but for now they are pushing forward on warp drive to see if they can whip him into shape for a bone marrow transplant. We have had a mini backlash from church due to people not thinking he needs treatments.  They think he shouldn't have more surgery. 

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Sorry to hear that you are getting non-productive opinions. Churches are nice, but not always helpful, even though that is suppose to be the intent. I hope you can find a way to chalk it up to they don't know better, aren't as well informed as you and David. I find many people have the best of intentions, but are so helpless when it comes to making medical decisions, I am surprised they can still walk and talk... like how do they get through life? It must be true that God gives us what we can handle.. ;)

Otherwise, I am so happy to hear that the transplant is moving forward, and the plan is on track that David is going to be closer to his goal... transplant!

Keep up the good work, and think of the others who aren't so helpful as cheap entertainment.. you know best what David needs. You could be my caretaker any day!


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about those who are giving you grief....I don't even get it. 

So...GOOD on the replacement....he's going to be much more comfortable once that is done....and like Kari said, it's onward and upward towards the transplant....YES!! Smile


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Glad things are moving at a more rapid positive pace for you guys.

BTW, do these church people hang out with those "friends" who thought you should leave David. They need to get a life and support you and David in your lives. My daughter's church has been nothing BUT supportive to them for the last five years. Hope they wake up and realize their thinking is twisted.

UK in Louisville is where my daughter is treated, although some of her surgeries have been done at Jewish Hospital downtown.

Please keep us updated and take care.



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Keep moving forward. Try not to question what others are saying right now. The doctors know what's best right now. I agree with Kari that most have good intentions, but have a different way of showing it.

I'm glad that things are still moving forward with David's treatment.....no delays are a good thing.

Keep the faith. Thinking of you both.



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I am so glad the hear they are moving ahead with everything.  You and David are so strong (it must be the love).  Please do not let the other people upset.  Mom and I have found that people do not understand what we are going through.  My mother's own sister thinks we are the reason my dad is having a hard time.  You and David both know what you are doing and you are both a wonderful inspiration.





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Tell David he can use that new hip to help him kick cancer's a**.............

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Keeping you and David in my thoughts !  Katie

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