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How much pain relief using cannabis?

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Hey, the Bay Area is hella expensive but comes with fringe benefits such as the Pacific Ocean, cool breezes and cool summer fog, superb scenery, Silicon Valley, and birthplace of medical marijuana aka "Oaktown".

Getting a card is as easy as getting a six pack so I looked but did not find much commentary how well it works for getting through the dreaded treatments. Pain, nausea, and lack of appetite seem the most commonly cited conditions where pot can help.

There are so many ways it is now packaged beyond the weed: cookies, lollipops, oils (to inhale?), etc.

Trying to decide if I need to run and get my card right away. LOL


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Ingrid K
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I have "cybermet" several other survivors who live in areas where they can get medical MJ and they all have been helped tremendously by it. One thing they all say is to VAPORIZE it. Whatever you do, don't smoke it. Most have been able to come off of all of their other pain meds because of it.
GOOD LUCK and let me know if it helps you.

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my late brother was in the business of growing medical marijuana in oregon. none of us knew about his operation until he passed away suddenly, leaving a large amount of product and equipment. not sure why he didn't tell us, since his operation was legal.

anyway...at his funeral, a number of his cancer customers told me their stories, and testified how much cannabis helped ease their pain. at the time, I knew nothing about cancer--can't recall what types of cancer they were suffering from, and I'm sure that's a factor.

me, I never had nausea or much major pain (tylenol and lidocaine got me through), so I don't think it would've helped me much. and having increased appetite would only have made me miss food the more (I'm a PEG tube guy). but hey, go for it!

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I'll be asking this week to get me a card, sounds very promising. It is beyond me that if this helps some so much as to not need any other method of pain management, then why on earth would it not be fully supported and endorsed across the political spectrum.

I am so encouraged by these replies because I really really do not want to have to take chemical pain medicines if I can avoid it. That said, I will be first in line to clear the dispensing counter if I have bad pain. :-)


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I know of a man who took it in pill form. He mostly took it for nausea but still needed to use pain meds as MJ doesn't block pain. It also helped with his appetite but he had a different type of cancer than us.
I was having a hard time with my pain meds, some were too strong and made me sick, a couple made me so high I couldn't even walk so I was afraid to take it if I was alone and let me just say, during treatment is not the best time to find out you are allergic to morphine...ugh that was miserable! Anyway, my rad onc said that he of course doesn't RX it but knows that some of his patients have found relief from using it for nausea. He said IF I were to find that it helped with nausea I could possibly continue to take some of my pain meds but absolutely no smoking it!
I never did try it, couldn't bring myself to do it when I have kids and we constantly tell them how bad drugs can hurt you.
I don't have a problem with other people doing it but I felt like such a rule breaker that I just couldn't do it.
Good luck to you however :-)

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>> I never did try it, couldn't bring myself to do it when I have kids and we constantly tell them how bad drugs can hurt you.
I don't have a problem with other people doing it but I felt like such a rule breaker that I just couldn't do it. <<

Being a California gal and SoCal to boot, I figured you to be more on the left side of the spectrum. :-)

What about any of the opiates? They are legal and so are many other forms of chemicals that can do a lot more harm to one's body if abused or not taken with caution.

Here is a link to a map showing the progress of the legalization http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Places_that_have_decriminalized_non-medical_cannabis_in_the_United_States

It is just timing at this juncture. Maybe not all states will fall in line with Washington and Colorado but may will for various reasons. Primarily that is what the people want and the tax man is drooling over the extra tax from it. Law enforcement will feel relief and there is the notion that drug crimes and violence could very well drop.

Those in law enforcement are probably split on the issue, I have no idea as I did not follow the money during the last state elections. Would be very interesting to see who took what sides.

Thanks for all your thoughtful comments, I do notice and appreciate them all.


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