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Femara, To take or Not to take???

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About to start on an aromatase inhibitor..Femara..nervous about all the side effects. also note my tumor ER recpetor "focally positive", so only in the 1-10% group...so this aromatase inhibitor questionablly effective.

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I've been oon Femara/letrozole since early Feb 2010 (Femara til it became available in generic/letrozole) and have had no SE's from it.

We all 'see' 'things' differently - there is no way that I would not do everything possible to prevent the Monster from attacking again - couldnot see having to tell Hubby, Son or G-daughter that I hadn't done everything to stay with them even IF it only gave a small %. That's how I feel - not everyone does. You have to make your own decision.

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I also take Femera/letrozol and do not have any noticable side effects. I started it in Sept. 2010. The only problem that has arisen for me was loss of bone density ( which is also due to my age). I did the weekly calcium thing but it did not work well for me so now I have had the Reclast infusion.
I also take Caltrate and vitamin D.
I am for anything that will help keep the beast from attacking again.


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I did two of the aromatase inhibitors, Arimidex and Femara. I am saving Aromasin to do with Afinitor down the line.

When drug companies list side effects, they need to list them all. AI's gave me years, Arimidex I was on from 1999 (briefly), stop and then went back in 2000 until 2008. Then I did Faslodex 250 mg, progressed and went on Femara and had 2 years. Outside of fractures, I can't remember anything negative about Arimidex. Fractures happened before the drug company knew that if one fell, it could happen. Today, they give bone strengthener. Femara, I had bone & joint pain. This is a common complaint on AI's.

Give it a try, you won't know how it will effect you until your on Femara.

Wishing you the best,


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I have been on Femara for 2.5 years. My side effects have been weight gain and thinning hair. Had insomnia too, but that seems to have gotten better lately. No joint or bone pain, thank goodness.

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Hi....I've also been on Femara for about 2.5 yrs and have been fortunate to tolerate it well. I am very relieved as I felt it was important to do everything available to me. Best wishes and good luck.

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Or generic Letrozole for about a year now, i had at the beginning ALL the side effects but then the body adapts to it i guess, the most significative side effect is been the weight gain then UTI's, join inflamations, bone pains and so on i take breaks when my body is in so much pain but if my next tests come clean in february i will quit it and will try to take care of my blood cell system with natural suplements, if the blood is good then everything will be good too, I don't blame anybody for not taking it, it is really a very hard way to live with this medication, no quality and total missery 24/7, i pass a tip to all my sisters, YOGA, is a great way to easy the cramps and nots the medicine gives and also QUIT MEATS, most of them, maybe a little piece of chix once a week and lots of fish, i saw the difference inmediately, check the anti-inflamatory diet, go vegan as much as you can and hang in there, wish ou good luck!

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I took it when I harvested my eggs and it make my emotions go all over the place.

Personally, I would take everything that gets thrown at me to have the best chances. You can always give it a try and see how your body handles it. You might be surprised!

I hope you make the right decision and that you're are at peace with it. Let us know.

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