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Ups and downs

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Hey everyone,
I've been trying to stay positive and keep the humor that is so important. I had posted and deleted on this stupid throat of mine. On meds again to get rid of thrush...have had it in the past yrs ago from asthma inhalers. I need to be better for those scans Nov. 1st. According to my new team I should of already had them. Now this is whats making me crazy ! Why the hurry up and get it done ? Not able to talk and throat hurts like if I had strep. Any ideas other than the mouth swish and swollow med they give you ? And how about building our immune system ? Maybe will check our site on old info for this. Anyways...have a good day everyone ! Kate

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and it works very well for me. What is in the swish and swallow that you're using?

Thrush seems to come and go...last week when I first started working graveyards and had little sleep, thrush came back with a vengance. I used the Dulfican for 3 days, and it was gone. Maybe ask your Dr. for some and give it a try. It comes in pills and liquid.


PS...I was just thinking that chewing acidopholus from the health food store worked for me one time when I had thrush years ago...it might be worth a try, too.

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Thanks P,
I'll ask about it. My sis-in-law said that a tea made from white elm works too. I don't mean to sound whinny...and I do today, sorry. I know positive thoughts need to be put in to place today period. I think I'll take my Mother's advice and write everything down that is stinky in my life right now....and then burn the paper....and move forward. Thanks Mom ! I really miss her today too ! It's been almost 3 yrs since she left us due to cancer, and I still want to pick up the phone to get her perspective on my dx. I'll check on the acidopholus too as we have a really neat little health food store up the road ! Katie

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that there is no such thing as whiny...we all have our days...we just can't get stuck in the whine (or wine for that matter...LOLOL)...I remember reading on here that a few people just didn't respond to Nystatin, but the other one did work (works from the inside out, rather than topical)...

Doesn't matter how old we get, we miss our moms....I had many days during treatment that I wished so much she was still here.

I'm going to try the white elm tea...if it works it's gotta be better than meds, and we can drink it everyday and keep that nasty thrush thing at bay.


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...is back for the fourth time, so I know how you feel! I'm going to start taking probiotics along with the Diflucan. I think some folks just stay susceptible to it. The salt and baking soda rinse is supposed to help prevent it although I admit that I stopped doing it after treatment.

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I'm willing to bet you know this already...but I read on a reputable site (I think it was WebMD) about mulitple 'bouts of thrush and use of Diflucan and Nystatin can build up a resistance to the drug(s) ....I'm not sure you are taking any of those per your post ......if that happens then they usually will go to a much stronger dosage or use a different medicine ...I'm no doctor and I was trying to find that link to read again...

All the same ..prayers you will get better by Nov 1 so you can have that scan!



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I recently had thrush for the second time and started taking probiotics, hopefully they will do some good for building up the immune system. Of all the health supplements they seem to be one of the few that are getting some support from the conventional medical community. FYI I found the Jarrow brand on Amazon to be a good deal.

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Hey everyone,
I'm getting some relief already from the med, and salt rinses. I'm gonna ask about my PHI levels also at the clinic when I go in on the 1st. I haven't had a throat like this one since I had strep as a child. Though as BSB posted antibiotics do seem to be a link for me. (in the past every time they put me on a script I'd be given another for yeast) So somethings off balance. Won't let it happen twice like this... once is enough. Thanks for all the advice, will be putting it into action. Katie

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I feel your pain sister, as I have had more than my share of thrush. I wish I had more info. to offer, but my doc's tell me other than the Diflucan and possibly some steroid treatment, there is not allot that can be done to fend it off.

if you have had it several times, hopefully your body gives you some advanced warning signs so you can get a jump on it early.

And I get the whole attitiude thing, as it gets very frustrating hsving to deal with Thrush over and over. Anything in the mouth just sets off a whole array of other bad side effects.



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I think this is my 4th bout with thrush also. At least this time they said it was mild. Instead of the Nystatin swish & swallow the ONC gave me a script for Nystatin tablets that you let dissolve on your tongue 5 times a day. I have to say they are more convenient.

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