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Doctor said "no suspicious characters" when she did my hysteroscopy

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Anybody out there have her doctor say the uterus looks fine, only to find out differently when the pathology reports came? Also, I've got a complex lesion on my right ovary, but she hasn't said a word about it and I'm wondering if she will. I'm two years post-menopause and started bleeding three weeks ago, which prompted the abdominal and trans-vaginal ultrasound.


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I would ask for a second opinion especially if the pathology report states something is there. My gyn dr did a D&C and hystoscopy. She said she thought she got all the polyps but that it looked natsy in ther. A week later I got the call that there were cancer cells in the patholgy report. A week later I had a complete abdominal hystorectomy which removed all female parts. A month later started six rounds of carbo/taxel and had no radiation. I had a grade 3 carsonoma sarcoma stage 3C1 cancer. Over a year out from last chemo and I am doing ok. No evidence of disease (NED). Has your gyn dr asked for a CA125 blood test? This is a blood test that can tell if there is cancer in the overies and sometimes in the uterus. If is elevated over 35 can be that there is some problem but not always. I was post menapause had started heavy bleeding which I knew was not normal so I went to the gyn dr within 3 days. Keep pushing the dr because it is your life that is your concern not getting the dr happy. Wishing you all the best. I know the waiting can be hard but try to keep a positive attitude. trish

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Trish, thank you. She said I'd have the pathology results by tomorrow or Monday, and I was feeling pretty good until I read the radiology report from the ultrasound, which recommended a follow-up ultrasound to assess the mass on my ovary and my Ob-Gyn hadn't mentioned a thing about it. She also hasn't done a CA125. I will ask her about that and will get a second opinion if she doesn't think anything should be done to watch that ovary. I do have a post-op appointment scheduled in two weeks. Am a bit surprised they called you with the pathology results. Yikes! What terrible news to get by phone. Thanks, again, for your support. Jen

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I will never forget it. When I went for my trans-vaginal ultrasound, they found a "complex mass" on my left ovary. I could tell by the way the tech was acting and how she got me an 'emergency' appointment with the doc right then, that they felt it was cancer. The doc ordered the ca125 on the spot.
I don't know if all complex masses on an ovary look alike, but I thought I should let you know. I pray yours is nothing.

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I knew the tech saw something because of a funny look on her face, but didn't get the radiology report until my pre-op appointment the day before the hysteroscopy and D&C. However, my Ob-Gyn is focused on whether or not I've got uterine cancer. She's a pretty one-thing-at-a-time kind of person, so she may have decided to look at my uterus first and then move on to the next thing, but I'll definitely ask her when I see her in two weeks. It seems I ought to be proactive and ask her to order the CA125. Thanks for your feedback. Hoping you're doing well. Jen

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