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Went to the doctor today for my 1st followup since ending radiation and chemo. He said I was doing great. Didn't scope me but looked in my mouth and throat and felt my neck and said everything looked and felt good. Get my feeding tube out next Wednesday since I haven't used it in 2 weeks and have maintained my weight. Pet Scan October 23rd and see him again October 25th for the results. Released me to go back to work October 1st. That will be just a little over 8 weeks after radiation. I am thrilled with all of the news so far. Will be praying for a NED come October 25th.

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What, no scope with a raw tore up throat, LOL....just teasing.

Sounds like everything is coming along great...

I'm sure the scans will be fine, though a little soon.

You have my thoughts and prayers.


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Doing great, neck feels fine, everything looks good and feels good, pop the PEG on Wednesday, YEP, I’ve clear you for work too.

Good news for you, look forward to clean scans in October.



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You must be doing really well, at 8 weeks out....good girl! Hoping that 2 weeks of no use, and a maintenance of weight will get me relased from the tube...darn thing still bugs me.

You bet you'll be on the prayer list for October 25th...


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I'm praying for Ned forever and a day for you ! Thrilled about your recovery ! Come Oct., God willing everything stays great...will be thinking of you ! Katie

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Thanks everyone for your good wishes and prayers. Without all of you, I would have never made it thru all of this as well as I did. On my bad days, I could always come here and someone would say just the right thing to get me going again. Someone always had an answer to my questions. They tell me at the cancer center that they have never had someone come thru this treatment as well as I did. I felt like I was lucky to come thru it as well as I did, but I contribute a lot of that to the wonderful support I got here on these boards and from my wonderful friends and family. I pray for all of you every night and hope that things go well for all of you.

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that does sound fast!!! One tough cookie...and WORK!!

Glad for you boardwalk... :)


Barbara B
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That is an incredible recovery, good for you!

Although I am new to "posting" on this site, last year when my husband was going through treatment, I was reading this site daily. Everyone here is so amazing and supportinve of one another.

I thought it was my time to give back to all of you who were so supportive then.

Praying for you and best wishes.


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Now don't be telling everyone there about us....

I can barely keep up with the many on the board now, LOL....


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amazing news all around. going back to work already at 8 weeks, out goest the the need for tube at 4 weeks. all this is just amazing.

prayers for continued recovery

congrats on the news


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So glad you are doing so well. I will for sure be praying for your NED, please keep us posted.

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Great job. Wishing you the best

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I figure you could use a woohoo!!! I am glad to hear how quickly you are healing.

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so good to get thru this with less damage as possible, I will be getting my PET in Oct the 3rd to be specific, so heres to all Oct Pet scans to come back NED, since I believe a handful of others are scheduled for October as well. So God Bless and you are in our prayers.

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