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Hi Pink Sisters

It's been a while since I've been on here and I hope this finds all of you doing well.
I have a question for any of you that had/have TRIPLE NEG BREAST CANCER. I had it back in MARCH 2009 and had both breast removed and no cancer in lymph nodes. In 2010 I had a CT scan and all was clear of my ADRENAL GLAND. AS of last week I had major stomach pain and went to the Dr. She sent me over to the hospital and I had a CT scan done. My results not good. I have a 5cm mass on my ADRENAL GLAND. I went to see a ENDOCRINE SURGEON she told me that there was over a 50% chance that this is could be from my breast cancer. She has ordered a ton of blood work and a PET scan and it will be about 2 weeks before I know if it is cancer. You know the wait is the worst and they must find out if there is any other places in my body that may have spots.
I was wanting to see if anyone else had this too.
If so please share with me your findings or experience. You know we will stand together and stay strong together and we will win this WAR.....

God Bless you - and my motto - cancer won the battle but the WAR IS NOT OVER....


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I am so sorry you're going through this...and the waiting for results is so anxiety ridden....why is it taking 2 weeks for blood work? I'd push to get the PET scan as soon as possible....TNBC is an aggressive cancer and a sneaky one...there are quiet a few of us on this board, who will most likely chime in, too...I must say, I haven't heard of any of us say it has spread to the adrenal gland..hopefully it won't be bc that has metastasized for you...i have a good friend who had cancer of the adrenal gland ...she had surgery to remove the mass, no chemo, no rads... This was almost 10 years ago and she is just fine!!!!!
I have triple negative bc, also....I was first diagnosed in April 2009....lumpectomy, chemo, radiation...clean clear margins, no lymph node involvement...I was in remission for 19 months..discovered a swollen lymph node right above my clavicle bone in June of 2011...the bc had come back in my lymph nodes....it was biopsied. ..had radiation again for that...went into a clinical trial...that didn't work...went on an oral chemo for 7 months until that stopped working...had scans this past Feb....they showed 3 small spots on my brain and a small spot on my liver, in addition to the involved lymph nodes..we were in shock! Never gave a thought that it could metastasize to my brain...duh! So it was back to radiation for a third time...for 10 radiation treatments to the brain...on the last day of that I had a port implanted for chemo....in Feb.when this was discovered, my Tumor markers were 98.....that's very high..and indicative of cancer..I've been on Avastin and Carboplatin since...well last week they ran the Tumor Markers again....they were 34 !!!!! Yeah! They ran the test twice to see if it gave the same results....I was jumping up and down!! My oncologist said 34 is in the "normal" range....so the chemo is working big time!.... and I now only have to have chemo every 3 weeks instead of every 2....

Again, I hate this for you...it all sucks! You and I signed onto this board at the same time in May 2009....please keep us posted...we will be anxious to hear from you when you get your results...and please try to remember that all tumors or masses are not necessarily cancer...many are found to be benign...

Big hugs, Nancy


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Hi Nancy

Wow what you are going through - but a big YEAH for markers to be down. I had 2 diffrent types of BC. Besides TN - the other 1 is MATRIC PRODUCING CARCINOMA - very rare - chemo and rad has no effect. I did take 6 treatments and as of April 2010 I was cancer free.
I had this spot on my AG in JULY of 2008 - found out I had BC and took chemo. Well that spot went away. I go to the ONC every 3 months and all my blood work has always been good. So right now I'm devastated. I had blood drawn on Monday - 10 tubes and this coming Monday is the PET SCAN. I went to see an Endocrinologist on last Friday and she has said at least 50% it could be cancer due to TN. They are sending my blood work to MAYO clinic. Dr needs to find out if gland is producing hormones and if so she told me if they stuck a needle in it - it could be fatal. So don't know if they will be able to do biopsy. So the wait alone is killing me. As the Dr said Adrenal Gland cancer is very rare. I had 3 lymph nodes removed but all was clear. The mass in my breast went from 2 to 5 cm in 4 weeks so I had both breast removed with no reconstruction.
Thanks for posting your infor. You will be in my prayers. I've always had a motto from day 1 - CANCER WON THE BATTLE BUT THE WAR IS NOT OVER.....for I will never give in or give up.

Take Care

fyi I'm in TEXAS.....lol

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