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Is it a cyst... OR????

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About a month and a half ago, I realized I had this subcutaneous lump sitting on a rib under my right breast. It was about a half inch in diameter, round, and raised up about 3/8 of an inch. I brought it to the attention of the physician's assistant in Oncology, as the Oncologist only visits Moses Lake every other week and NOT on the days I get chemo. But no biggie. She looked at it and said, "Don't worry, it's only a cyst." ...Okay...

Talked to the oncologist today during my monthly visit and said, "Hey, I need to talk to you about this lump..."

He examined it, and got a bit worried. If it IS cancerous, and it started AFTER the second round, it means this stuff AIN'T working. Joy... So they did a biopsy, and I'll find out tomorrow or Thursday if it IS malignant, or just this really hard cyst.

"It's always something" --Gilda Radner


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Keeping fingers and toes crossed for good biopsy results Jerry.

Very perturbing that the PA kind of blew it off and then the Oncologist is concerned. To be honest, I had never realized that Physicians' assistants are so much used in the cancer world. We see our oncologist's PA at MDA as often as we see the oncologist. The one time there was something unusual, he immediately consulted the oncologist. I am hoping that is the "norm" for him. Thanks for posting your experience, reminds the rest of us be aware and stay proactive.

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Gilda wasn't talking to you Jerry!

Seriously - I am praying for you and hopefully it is a cyst. I don't know why any PA in oncology would say something like to you and not ask the doc to check it first hand.

I know it is what it is, but crying out loud - every lump, bump, etc should be checked if you mention it to them and should not be casually brushed aside. WTH?

Holding you close in prayer JG,

Hugs and FEC,

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Jerry, I'm certainly hoping this is just a cyst. I'm trying my best to send you some positive mojo, along with hugs and prayers!

By the way, is there a way to bottle that wonderful attitude and sense of humor? You could make millions if there were a way to do that!

Hang in there!

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Of freaking course it is. Can't a guy get a break around here???


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I could use a break. But in my case, it'd be an arm. Still and all, better than a neck, eh?



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