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feeding tube-- why don't the Dr's agree??----- UPDATE

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My dad is not able to eat. He started Radiation last week because his tumor has grown so big and causes pain. I told my mom to ask about a feeding tube, because all he is drinking is gatoraid. He was drinking ensure and able to eat peaches and applesauce but no longer to even have that. the Dr convinced them he does not need a feeding tube and they told them "once you get the feeding tube you will never eat again" so they didn't do it. I "thought" there was a way to use the tube when you needed it, but was also able to eat when you could? I explained all that I have learned here, and told them to come here to read other posts, the Dr. doesn't "always" do what is best, you have to fight for yourself. BUT I guess my dad doesn't believe me, and what the Dr. says is gold. after all, I am only a teacher, not a Dr. So, anyone have experience with this? Please help me out, so I can print off your replies, and MAYBE they will listen....

dad stage iv

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Thanks, from previous posts I remember you saying something along these lines, but for some reason my search did not come up with the discussion!!I will pass this along, it just gets so frustrating!!

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I understand what you write is the "hard truth", but it is the truth and that is what is needed, no beating around the bush!! i love everyones honesty, and that is what makes this board so special to me, anyone can post a question and get the "real" answer. Thanks for taking the time to reply.... Enjoy your sunday!!

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My mom is stage IV and I agree with Sherri and William. My mom had the feeding tube put in when they anticipated radiation, before they knew she progressed to stage IV so that may be why we did not have a problem getting it placed. My mom still eats normally but we do use the tube for hydration, also to put in meds. It is easier than swallowing pills, and she supplements her intake with evening feedings of formula which is why she has been able to maintain her weight so far.

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I don't have a J-Tube yet, and I've even gained a little weight since Chemo and Rads (although I'm back on chemo because of the metastasis), but hydration is hard. If I drink too fast, I vomit the water back up. Very strange... Who'da thunk you would vomit just water?

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I believe the Dr. is wrong. I have had many j-tubes to keep my weight sufficient. I eat, also.

I would get a j-tube. It will make things MUCH easier!!!!!


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I copied this and sent them to my mother. Dad should be at the Dr. now for Radiation. Mom did call the Dr. yesterday to let them know what is going on, he got mad at my mom. He does have an appt with Dr. before his treatment, so we will see what they say.....

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