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Newspaper Article about Ambien

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Hi everyone, I brought an article into my dr. about the Ambien and read some of the postings causing cancer. He said he would change my Ambien if I wanted to but the other sleeping aids have many, many side effects and are like a tranquilizer. Since I don't want that I'm going to stay on the Ambien.

I also spoke with my pharmacist about this and he said many times companies want to compete against each other & say certain things so that you'll switch to their brand/co. I do believe that.

There have no actual studies that taking Ambien aids in cancer.

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I'm still working on getting the source of the Ambien information presented at the naturopathic conference. I had great luck with sleep when I started taking GABA. I also learned that my oxygen levels at night were dropping. Now I have an oxygen compresser that feeds me oxygen at night. This has helped immensely.

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Ambiem also has side effect it is know to cause sleep walking. There are people who were driving while a sleep and even having sex and still not awake and don't remember it the next day. I took it and it did not help with my sleep and when I did fall alseep I did sleep walk mom kept me from doing anything. I was a sleep walker as a child so I don't know if that makes a difference. I now take trazadome anywhere from 100 to 200mg a night just depends on who bad my sleep has been. As you can see it is five am and I am still up so 200mg tomorrow night.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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