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Grading / Surgery question.

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As mentioned in my 1st post, I had no idea what my tumor grade was. My Urologists said both kidneys were Stage 1 before the surgery and after said size of ping pong balls left and right sides. I had clean margins on both and I figured that was that.

So after seeing how much you all knew about your little buddies I asked my home health nurse to look at my pathology reports on her laptop. I had assumed they would both be T1a N0 M0 Fuhrman 1.

Turns out R side was T1a N0 M0 Furhman 2. That sounds good. The L side was T3a N0 M0 Fuhman 3&2 with renal vein involvement.
Doesn't sound so good. The tumor was 5.5 x 5.0.

I went to a kidney surgery site and it said that T3 & 4 tumors require radical procedure except in the case of bilateral tumors, like I had, to do a partial on T3a,b,c to delay the need for dialysis. Really doesn't sound good.

So I'm curious if anybody out there had a T3 with renal vein involvement that had a partial and how has that worked out?

Thanks and Peace to all! Alan

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Hi Alan,

What subtype of Renal Cell Carcinoma did you have? I know for Chromophobe the grade is not a correlated prognostic driver.

Also, was there sarcamatoid characteristics? I wish you well and my prayers are out for you.


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They were clear cell.

Yeah, I don't think clear cell affects prognosis either. It's the renal vein involvement I was most curious about. That is what jacked a T1 to a T3.
Also the part of the turor with the renal vein involvement was Furman 3 where as the rest of the tumor was Furman 2.

I'm happy with my surgery outcome as pathology said clean margins on both. I was just curious about the renal vein twist.

Happy Days and Great Thanksgiving to all! Alan

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