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New Diagnosis

Heather H
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Joined: Nov 2011

Hi My sister was told on Monday that she has cancer. The endometrial biopsy showed papillary serous and clear cells mixed with other cancer cells.. Today she had a lung Xray and a CAT scan of the abdomin and tomorrow she goes to Portland Maine to see a cancer specialist and get the results and a plan. She has extreme anxiety. Everything she has read and the medical people that she has talked to about this disease are talking about how aggressive it is and what a poor prognosis it is. I desperately want to give her some hope if I can. Any of you out there have anything I can say to her that would help? Thank you so much. This is really scarey.

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I'm sorry your sister has been diagnosed with this cancer. I also had papillary serous along with some clear cell cancer at my diagnosis. These do tend to be the more aggressive uterine cancers. That was nearly 4 years ago. Take a moment to see recent thread 'Hope' by Barb who continues to be cancer-free 4 yrs after treatment. Your sister will know more after she sees the specialist - hopefully a gynecologic oncologist who will most likely be doing a staging surgery. The actual extent 'Stage' of her cancer cannot be determined until after thiis surgery although the recent tests may provide some indication. Try not to do random internet searches as much info is outdated and ill only serve to scare her even more. First step will be to prepare for and get through the surgery which will provide the info needed to determine additional treatment if needed. This site is filled with the experiences and much information that will offer insights into to what to expect. Ask any questions, share any experiences - we are all here to help each other along.

Heather H
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Joined: Nov 2011

Thank you Annie! You and Mary Ann are really helpful. My sister goes today to see the oncologist. I will stay in touch with you and Mary Ann.

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I and many others here are dealing with papillary serous. Stats are scary. There is a recent thread titled "hope". Read that for some good news!!!!

Try to help your sister not get too far ahead of herself - she's still here and will get help for this. It does seem forever when you are waiting for results and you want to get the cancer out etc. (been there!)

Some basics - she should have a gynecological oncologist, get a functional profile of her tissue (which will help determine best treatment), ask lots of questions, have someone accompany her to appointments for awhile (to help with questions and understanding everything), start keeping copies of her records (a log or journal is good too), don't be afraid to get a 2nd opinion, and don't lose hope!!!!

Keep us posted and continue to ask for help. I wish you and your sister the very best. Mary Ann

Heather H
Posts: 11
Joined: Nov 2011

Thank you so much for your support Mary Ann

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