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coloring your hair after chemo

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I finished chemo the end of June 2011 and my hair came back very silver with some dark hair. I have about half inch or so and feel I would be less uncomfortable with my hair dyed even though it still is short(with only scant bangs). Has anyone used henna hair dye which was recommended by my oncologist? Friends tell me I can go without my wig or scarf. I normally have dark brown hair. What should I do?

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I say go without the wig.. that's what I did sorta. I never wore a wig but I wore a bandana under a baseball cap. I eventually graduated to just wearing the ball cap and then no cap. Get yourself a cute little pink breast cancer ball cap and wear it proudly. Out in public that always explains the short hair cut and it's definitely a lot lighter then that ole wig.

As for hair coloring... I first colored mine about 5 months post chemo. I used my regular hair color (Laurel excellence creme, permanent dye) and it was fine. My hair is very thick (was before chemo) and oh so curly now. Gotta love those chemo curls.. Congrats on making it this far in your journey, it sure feels wonderful doesn't it?


Grandma X 6
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I finished Chemo end of Jan 2010 went topless in April I have thick hair. Colored it with Miss Clairol in May the one I always used no problems at all. I am a Hairdresser since 1970. Go for it!!

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Thanks for all the advice!! I really want to give up my wig-- its hot and uncomfortable with my hair at this length. Mayble I should wait to color my hair and wear hats for now. Yes, it does feels wonderful to be finished with treatments! Love to all!

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I went with my white/silver hair until I was 6 months out from my last chemo. My onc said it was all right to color it. I finished chemo Dec 2010 and had it colored in July 2011. My hair is still very frizzy, curly. I think I remember someone posting that she had used the henna.
{{hugs}} Char

Lynn Smith
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I've colored my hair maybe 3 times in my life.My hair is thin and fine so it worries me with all those chemicals.For the coloring I would listen to your oncolobgist.Years ago I heard hair dyes could be a risk for cancer.I am sure just one of those things that gets out but it did make me wonder with the harsh chemicals.

Talk to your oncologist.There might be something in the dyes they want you to stay away from.Not all dyes but some.

I didn't need chemo but know of a young girl who just started getting her hair back after taking chemo treatments.She is 21 and dx with hip cancer.Her hair was down to her waist,light in color and STRAIGHT.Now her hair is the darkest(almost black)curly and VERY CUTE.

Lynn Smith

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Henna will wash out, so give it a try. If you don't like it just wait a while. I dropped my hats and scarves when my "new" hair was very short. People who didn't know me thought it was a fashion choice. And now it kind of is. I really like my very short hair!

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