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This little book, There's No Place Like Hope, was a huge comfort to me. It was written by a health care provider who was stricken with cancer and it is written in short easy to read sections. The humor in it will only be recognized by those of us in the trenches. I have given it to many friends who have faced the same diagnosis I did and some made it to the other side and some lost the battle. I have to think that this small book maybe brought a smile to their face while they were reading it.

Vickie Girard


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Love this book!

I absolutely love this book by Vickie Girard. I bought it about 6 years ago and while I don't have breast cancer, I agree with Vickie that it applies to everyone who has cancer. This book has become my "go to" book when I am feeling down or lost.

I would recommend this book to any cancer patient.

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Hi ! glad you have the goal of putting smiles on our faces ( Cancer Patients ).. I need it.. I want to smile despite the pains.... Ist it available in the Philippines? I hope God provides me my needs... hope to know you.. I just need somebody to exchange words. Comforting words from a person who understands...... You would be of big help... Frankly I dnt know how I would face this over again... Please try to read my 1st blog here.. I am new here. my email ad is rhoda.magboo@yahoo.com. Thank you very much.. Pls find time to spare a little attention...GOD BLESS YOU !

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