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Surprise on the ovary!!!

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Hello All,

I had a total DaVinci assisted hysterectomy on Monday, the 28th. We were shocked to hear that the "inconsequential" cyst on my right ovary was not a cyst at all but uterine cancer that had spread. Stage 3 no less. Anyway, lymph node biopsy results should be back in about l0 days when I go back to the oncologist. I also am going to have to have both chemo and radiation. I hear you can pre-treat with anti-nausea medicine a couple of days before chemo. Has anyone had any luck with this? So far I've been told I will need 6 sessions of chemo.

Thanks for listening.
Deb :)

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Deb, Am sorry that you have to deal with this, but you have come to a good place. The women on this board are very knowledgeable and also very generous in sharing what they know.

I had chemo and radiation as well. They do a very good job these days managing the nausea. I did not have pre-treatment for nausea, but on the day of chemo they give you meds prior to starting the chemo to manage nausea and then I took medication for a few days after the chemo. They also gave me several prescriptions for nausea I could take if needed. I really did not have any problems with nausea. Sometimes I had some queasiness in my tummy and I would munch on a ginger cookie and that helped or had some green tea with raw ginger in it.

I know all of this is very overwhelming but it is do-able and don't hesitate to ask any questions that pop up. We are all in this together!

Best wishes....Karen

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Hello Deb:

Sorry about your surprised diagnosis. My diagnosis was also a surprise. With regard to pre-treatment prior to chemo, it also depends on what type of chemo. The usual chemo that is used no matter what stage, grade, etc. is carboplatin/taxol. When I was going to get that, I had to pre-treat with an antinausea and two pills the night before to help adjust to the chemo. Then when I went for my first chemo, they gave me another "mix", anti nausea/relaxant/ and something else. There is also a anti nausea script that they can prescribe if necessary.

My best to you. Sending hugs your way. Look at some of the posts here. There is really a lot of good information. Don't search stuff on the internet. It is way outdated and many things have been changed. Chemo treatments have come a long way and there are so many variations to fit each individual.

Also, ask your doctor if they did or can do a tissue assay. This will be able to tell what chemo would work best. I didn't have that done at the time, but many girls here did.


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