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Best no dust cat litter

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Hi, I normally hang out on the colorectal cancer board, but my cancer has spread to my lungs, so I wanted to share what I found out about cat litters, because I decided to find the best litter to avoid inhaling the dust that all the popular clay clumping litters can cause. I spent about 3 hours researching on the internet, reading all the reviews on a bunch of different litters.

The first litter I tried switching to was "Worlds Best Cat Litter" which is a corn based litter. It was free to try out, because they had a free rebate for the first bag. It was ok for about a week, but after that, the litter box began to smell really bad even after it was scooped out. It still had a little dust, which we didn't like, and the cats didn't seem to like it, but they used it after we sprinkled some of their old brand on top.

The next kind of litter that I researched, but didn't try, was the wheat type of litters. The reason I didn't actually try any of them, was that I found several reviews of the most popular brand of wheat litter, that people said came infested with pantry moths.

The brand that we found, that seems to have no dust, and no odor problems, is a little harder to find in the stores, but it is well worth finding. I got my first couple of bags that cost me $20.00, for a 40 lb bag, that I had to special order from a local mom and pop pet supply place, but I just found it for about $5.00 cheaper at another local store. Here is the brand.


I use the stuff in the blue bag, the ultra. We love it, and it has made a huge difference in the amount of dust in our house.

Hope this helps someone.


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That's very thoughtful of you to research this to save other people from breathing the litter dust. Now I just wish I had a cat to try it on!

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I'll send one on the next Greyhound bus...

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