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New , , ,and will fight

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Hi all.

I was diagosed with level 4 glio-something-or-other; I really don't care.
Alice (in Wonderlaand) has her Jabberwokky to fight
.Now I have mine.

The love of God, the angel he sent me (Irina), the prayers & support of friend make my 'will & strength' to fight even stronger.

The TEMADOR and rides in the RapidArc is my swoard.

I shall win !

I know 'winning' does not mean I'll live to 90 yrs old . . .
. .I'm 62 , ,
. . . I plan on seeing a few more birthdays !!!!

So far, the Chemo & Radio ( now have 3 'doses' of both) have had no real ( imagine head-bobbing->) side effects, effects , effects ( LOL)

We'll enough for now .

To all : have a bueautiful day, enjoy every monment that God ( Higher Power, your prtual center) give to you . . .

I'll be around


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Hi Pete,You fight as we do!My fiance has surgery on Thursday to remove as much as they can and then chemo,radiation,I have gotten back to my relationship w god real quick!I wish you strength:)

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Best of luck to your fiancee, hope the surgery geos well!

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All the best Pete! Have hope! We know of someone who beat a GBM and know of many who've lived a VERY long time with that diagnosis.

Evon, all the best for your fiance's surgery, too. God is glad you're back. :) He's been a comfort to help us through the highs and lows of this journey for the last 16 months. I hope you'll find your strength in Him to carry you through all that's ahead. Have hope, too!

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My mom has two Glio-or-somthings.. and boy I wish she had your outlook. You will ultimatley win, because you want to live every second to the fullest!!! If you find a way to bottle your spirit I will be first in line to get one!

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