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cancer blocking relationship

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im only 18 but finding that someone is hard. when i was diagnosed with HD i knew there was no way anyone would want to date someone with cancer. if anyone would like to share stories or thoughts that would be great


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I think there are always some one that will love you just the way you are. I know you may not feel this way but it is true.

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I don't know where you are in your treatments but by the look of the picture guessing you are either still in treatment or just finishing up. Not sure what the prognosis is, not that I trust that totally either.

Hodgkins is often very treatable, I had NHL, the one that isn't quite as treatable and I am considered cured long ago. I am a 23 year survivor - there is tons of hope for lymphomas today but again I don't know your story.

It must be so hard being 18 and having this diagnosis and going through all the treatments. You have to remember that the treatments are very harsh and hard on not only your physical system but on your mental state as well - both chemically and emotionally so you have to keep that in mind. You probably aren't at your best right after treatment, everything is haywire in your body trying to recover from harsh treatments so give yourself awhile to settle out.

You don't have to live with cancer all your life, it can be cured today like I said especially lymphomas so maybe tell us more about your situation and what stage it was found and all.

I think you forget that people tend to look at people who have gone through cancer as very strong and they often look up to survivors so if the right person comes along who really sees what is important in a person I bet they will look up to you for all you have braved and a relationship will begin.

Hope and faith will go far in helping you come through this. Keep us posted and try to focus on getting better first and taking care of yourself and the rest in life will follow.




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You don't want the person who can't see beyond a dx. Right now you need to concentrate on you. When the time is right, you will meet the right person. I am sure it is very hard to have cancer at any age, but I am sure it is even harder when you are a teenager dealing with so much stuff already. Take your time. Be your own beautiful self. Some day you will find the right person. Really, some day will come. I am old enough to be your grandmother, and I tell my granddaughters the same thing. Take care of yourself. Fay

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Hey Emily Ann......gosh you know I felt that way about 5 months ago I think. I am eager to date, and wanted to know how someone else would feel about me, a survivor, getting her hair back and how would I tell them. spring it on them over supper or walk in park.....but what I realized is that when time is right I'll find someone who'll be right for me and I wont' have to "spring " this on them, just talk about it and have him understand and accept. My cancer is big issue with me too, but if he's a real man inside it wont' matter. Im going thru cancer treatments again, so I realized that Im not ready to have someone in my life yet, when i beat round two I know we'll meet........ Think positive , and dont' look to hard he'll appear when least expect it., a great friend told me ., and i believe her. Bless your beautiful young heart and best to you with everything........

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