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Worste headache ever

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Joined: Dec 2009

I finishid my first round of chemo yesterday, taxatir cyclplatin and 5fu and I have the worste headache of my life. I cant even spell now. This chemo is alot harder than the last I did, carboplatin


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Joined: Apr 2009

Call the doctor and have him prescribe some meds for you to take to ease the head pain. Hope you do well and hope the pain gets better

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Joined: Jan 2010

Sorry, Brad. I am hoping your headache doesn't last. I am hoping this time will not be worse for you. You are in my prayers.

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Joined: Jan 2010

Please do not delay in getting in touch with your doctor.
I hope you are able to find relief from the pain.
Is there an on call person for nights and weekends?

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Pam M
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Joined: Nov 2009

Sorry you're suffering - hope the head pain eases up quickly.

I had the same drugs you have - I just had the TPF first, then followed up with the carboplatin with radiation. I have to say, the three together were much more of a trial for me than the carboplatin alone was. I can honestly say to you that during my three rounds with the taxotere, cisplatin and 5FU, round one was the roughest (even though I know many folks say it's cumulative, and gets worse as you go). Rounds two and three weren't as bad for me as round one as far as suffering goes. My blood counts were worse rounds two and three, but I felt like I didn't feel as bad as round one. Hope you feel better the next rounds.

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Sorry you're in pain Brad. Like Hondo said; call your doc and get something for it. It's not ok to be in pain. Praying for your pain to be relieved soon.


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Glenna M
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I agree that you should call your doctor immediately. No one should have to suffer with pain. Treatment is rough enough without pain.

Stay strong,

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D Lewis
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Just keep taking one day at a time. You CAN get through this. Sending healing thoughts.


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Sorry Brad! I was lying in bed with a cold washcloth to my forehead. Please ask for something to relieve your pain. I had the same problem & the Dr prescribed med's.

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Not to scare you, but they might want to check for blood clots. OK, maybe that is meant to scare you as an example of why, when you are doing chemo, you should not let any pain go unmentioned. I'm hoping you've talked to your doctor, he said, "lots of folks get that" and gave you a useful pain prescription and you are now better. AND that he said, "Good job - lots of folks are afraid to report pain and we hate to miss anything serious."

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