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I have been gone for a while. There was a reason

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Hi everyone! I am alive and well these days. I don't seem to be complaining as I once did. Energy levels are raising and my blood pressure has never been better. Starting now... back to may last post( which is a rather long time) I went from weak to weakest only to find out that I needed heart surgery. I am one of those fellows that managed to have a bad heart and it only showed up when they went in side with a stint. Once inside it became apparent that that closing me back up with out replacing all the valves would be tantamount to giving me a death sentence with a heart attack in the offing if I made it through the stint procedure. and there was no guarantee I was going to make it through the procedure .

It has only been weeks but I am feeling the energy come back into my body. I was not crazy there was something wrong. Thankfully it was not my brain. I thought I was going crazy thinking all I was doing was faking it so I could have people feel sorry for me and that I liked being lazy. None of that happens to be true but that is the way I was feeling. Be it right or be it wrong.

I am glad to hear of others that have been having good luck! Be happy for me. I know I am on the way back. All the way back!! To the new normal.

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Hi CW, welcome back. Going through cancer treament is bad enough. To discover a heart problem and to have related procedures for that is way beyond the call. I'm glad they spotted your problem though, and especially glad to hear you are feeling better. I hope your recovery commences without a hitch.


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Hey CW,

Glad to hear from you! Sometimes it is strange how things come about. Sorry to hear about what you had to go through. My father had quadruple bypass surgery back in the 80's, and my father-in-law has a pig valve in his heart. While my father is now gone my father-in-law is still around and in his late 70's. Glad to hear you are getting stronger now. Oh yea, I never did think you were crazy or lazy. Good luck in your full recovery.


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Kent Cass
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Glad you're back. Just another bump in the road, CW. You're still casting breath with us, and thank you for letting us know you're okay, and still with us.


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Welcome back and very glad to know you found what was bugging you. It is a terrible thing when something is wrong and you don't know what. Wishing a speedy recovery and new lease of life as you get better.


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a speedy recovery and continuing to feel better. You are a true warrior!!

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Glad things are looking up. Hope your recovery goes well. Wishes & Prayers

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Ohhh cwcad! I am so glad to hear you are back and recovering! I remember you saying you did not feel well, was very tired, and felt like it was all in your head. So sorry, but happy they discovered it was that big heart of yours that was not working right. See? You are only as "crazy" as the rest of us! Hee hee! So glad your energy is returning, and in turn, you mood will elevate. Hooray! God bless, and good healing! Love & Prayers, Patty

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Pam M
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But I'm glad you had to have a stint. Sorry you've had to go through all the symptoms, and the uncertainty and worry that cancer may have taken your energy and you may not get it back. Good to see you back here.

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wow!... well I wish you continued recovery!... you won't to know what to do with yourself you will feel soo good!

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WOW, great to hear you are doing well, and to see you back here.

Best to you,

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Welcome back and great to see you're doing well! I think you stopped posting right after I came on...I thought it was something I said - lol.

Positive thoughts!

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