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Blood Tests - any extras to ask for ??

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Hi Guys,

I wanted to check if there are any additional blood tests I should request as I am going to see Chem Ali next week and will have blood taken.

I gather the usual test will cover:


Platelet Count

I might ask for another HPV while they're at it. I saw my ENT 3 weeks back and he had recently attended a talk by a visiting US ENT/Onco doctor who was saying there is an alarming increase of oral cancers in young US people which she attributed to HPV and specifically oral sex. My ENT Doc was letting me know in no uncertain terms what that meant.. shaking his finger at me. I didn't bat an eyelid.

Any tips on other tests I could or should ask for would be appreciated.


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TSH for Thyroid levels.

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Have them check your TSH levels.....

Especially if you had radiation, the thyroid takes a big hit, and it's not uncommon to eventually see the TSH levels get higher.

Mine started at 1.2, I've had three over the last year, each getting higher. My last I'm at 4.9, ranges vary on what is considered within normal.

Also, one you should consider, GFR - glomerular filtration rate is the best test to measure your level of kidney function.


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Pam M
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Good you're lining out your needs before you see the doc. I keep telling myself I need to have my GP check more things with my bloodwork, then letting it fall by the wayside.

Assuming they don't check your kidney function anymore because it's not needed. Good.

I just read in David Servan-Schreiber's "Anti-cancer A New Way of Life" that that we should have levels of Vitamin D3 and Calcium tracked to make sure we're getting enough D3 to fight cancer and make sure that D3 and other supplementation doesn't make the calcium levels too high.

I'd be really interested to see a list of tests recommended for the "average" person recovering from cancer. Do well.

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Thanks Sash, John & Pam for your input.

With my bit of Chemo brain, I couldn't recall these other tests previously discussed. I will request these in addition to the regular ones listed above.

Thanks again & have a good weekend.
We're doing Typhoons down here ;o(


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My chemo MD had me do a CBC before each round of chemo during the large doses. She had me do one every three months also the first year until my counts all came back normal, then she bumped me to six months.

I probably have 12 - 15 from oveer the last year and half.

It's a good reference, shows my levels the day before I started all of this, up to I have one coming up in a week or so.

The TSH testing was done on a different or per request schedule, so I only have 3 - 4 of those.


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Good luck on all your test

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