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Chest pressure with ABVD?

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I do have another question with the ABVD treatments, I recently, all day today have been experiencing chest pressure near my heart, I have just recently been switched to the ABVD treatments this past wednesday was my first. My diagnoses is stage II HD With a mediastinal mass about 20 cm by 15 cm and one near my neck, so I'm pretty sure some of it has to do with the mass being so big and closer to my heart. But its something I didnt recognize with the ICE treatment. I was wondering if anyone else experienced anything similar??? Or has a similar diagnoses or is it something I should call the dr about on monday, I feel like Im overeacting but I would rather be safe than sorry I suppose! Thanks for any advice and God Bless you all!

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About 6 days after my first treatment I ended up in the ER with shortness of breath and chest pressure. I knew that I had bilateral pleural effusions and a pericardial effusion but was never symptomatic before this episode. They did xrays, ct scans, ekg, blood work etc and decided to treat me with an anti-inflammatory and send me home. The chest pressure lasted a few more days and then resolved. Afer my 2nd treatment the same thing happened but not as bad. I had to have blood work drawn and while I was at the oncologists office I asked a nurse about this issue. She got my doctor to take a listen to my heart and all sounded good. My blood pressure was up slightly but they weren't worried about my heart. They prescribed me an anti-reflux medication and told me that it was probably reflux and to take the medication every day. The nurse told me that she ended up in the ER once because she thought that she was having a heart attack and it was reflux. I've never had reflux before so I didn't know how it felt. Since being on Prilosec I haven't had any more chest pressure. If the pressure gets bad call the doctor or go to the ER but I would ask if they think if it could be reflux. Good luck I hope that you find some answers

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Hi Tracie,

I actually just joined the board to answer this question. My wife was just diagnosed on 2/11/10. We started Chemo in early march and she is also doing 12 rounds of AbvD. Like you, she had a large mass in her neck. She is stage 3b and we are going to her 4th chemo tomorrow. She has a great doctor, Dr. Peter Yi, and he is always open to new drugs/ideas. She was having severe chest pain after receiving a shot for her white blood cells the day after chemo. She was having problems breathing due to the pain in her chest too.Believe it or not, he has her take regular old Claritin and it really really helped. It doesn't stop the pain she has in her hips, but the chest/heart pain is gone. She was having problems breathing due to the pain in her chest and that is gone as well. Ask your oncologist what he thinks. It worked right way though and she only suffered that systmom after her first round. She takes the claritan a day before the treatment and takes it for a week.

My heart goes out to you. Me and my wife are having a really tough time too. We were supposed to leave for our wedding/honeymoon less then 3 weeks after she was diagnosed. We had to cancel the trip, and forget about starting the family we wanted to start because of the treatment. Keep positive. Hope your feeling a little better.

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Thank you scott so much for replying, its been awhile since I've been able to get on here, just so much thats going on. I have been actually doing a lot better with the chest pain its not so bad now, very tolerable. Now my only issues are being sick and tired :) but we have to do what we have to do! I hope your wife is doing well her treatments and take care, God Bless!!! My prayers are with your family!

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I was treated 15 years ago with stage II and had ABVD. Unfortunately, I don't remember if I had any chest pressure. But, they would give me an IV bag of Zofran first. I never got sick, loved the stuff!! I would go eat lunch afterwards. My oncologist keep tabs on my heart & lungs during....towards the end, he had to take me off the Adriamycin & the Bleomycin, because they had already done damage. Make sure your tell your oncologist anything you might be expirencing!! God Bless & Good Luck!! Andrea

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