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Hi, I'm new to this board. My husband was just diagnosed with this type of cancer. Can anyone give me some good news on treatment types and maybe some hope?

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Hi my husband Rob has also been diagnosed with this cancer, just 3 days ago. We are still in shock he is only 44, with 3 young children. Just had biopsy on liver, drain put in also stent inserted through bile duct. we will not know anything untill Thurday when Doctors meet and discuss results of biopsy we are staying positive, I am giving him pomegranate juice and green tea, which are antioxidants, not having any types of sugars or tap water. Going to start him on superfood diet when he comes out of hospital, which is once his drain is out. He knows he has got to take us to Tasmania to see his sister, so he isn't going anywhere without me. We are going to fight this disease and WIN.

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You have the right attitude. Also eliminate animal protein. Go organic and fresh produce is important. Eliminate foods that feed cancer, especially sugar. Invest in a juicer. Check out this preview about healing cancer from inside out... available on DVD from blockbuster on line.

Also the super food in supplement form, the medicinal mushrooms with AHCC, is one of the most researched and documented and powerful complementary agents that can be taken with or without chemotherapy. Check with your doctor before taking.... goes without saying!

Prevents Liver Damage

In a Japanese study, rats were given strong chemotherapeutic agents and divided into two groups, one receiving AHCC orally and the other group not. Liver enzyme levels were measured. When there is destruction of liver tissues, there are high levels of the liver enzymes sGOT and sGPT. The group receiving only the chemotherapy agents had large increases in the liver enzymes, but the group that took the drugs with AHCC had normal levels.
More on the medicinal mushrooms with AHCC.
Mushrooms that fight cancer..http://form.hsibaltimore.com/reports/mushroom_cancer.pdf

Free booklet avialable about AHCC mushrooms at www.iherb.com


Best organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea in super greens...


Immune Punch with AHCC...


hopes this info helps...

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How is your husband doing? I was just diagnosed yesterday. Was he presenting jaundice? Can you tell me how that discovered it?



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