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sis-taw-skuh-pee warning

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The only way I can pronounce that word......I am usually good with pronouncing medical terms but this one is a tounge twister for me. I wanted to warn anyone having this exam in the hospital that there is a chance you will have trouble urinating afterward. Our Urologist did not warn us and my husband waited all day and into the night without being able to urinate and we ended up at the ER at 6AM the morning following the hospital proceedure. He was catherized and "drained" and sent home....Next day there was the same problem and we ended up back at the ER. This time the tube was left in and he is wearing a collection bag strapped to his thigh. The doctor started him on Flosamax to help but when I looked this drug up on the web it told me that it is given for enlarged prostrate. My husband does not have an enlarged prostrate. I have lost all confidence in this urologist but if we change doctors right now, my husband would need more of the same painful tests. This urologist told us there was a bladder tumor and he was sure it was cancer...BUT no tumor was found, so all that worry was needless. The doctor found only sediment in the bladder and he has sent that out for biopsy. I don't know what to think now. If there was no tumor and no infection then where did the microscopic blood in his urine come from? So many unanswered questions for this doctor on our next office visit. Thanks for reading this and listening to me whine. Nancy

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correction on the medication, it is Flomax...I got too busy with this keyboard. Nancy

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Nancys, Perhaps this is a problem unique to men. As a female with Papillary Transistional Cell Ca of the bladder since 1996, I have never encountered the problem you described. I have my every 6 mos cysto done in the Uro Doc's office. When first diagnosed they were done every 2-3 mos because I reoccuring rapidly for the first couple of years, and even then I didn't encounter that problem. I would suggest you do consult another Urologist for a second look and opinion. My 'Cysto's' have never created those problems, but again, maybe it's a 'man' thing. Cynthia A

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Cynthia and Eagle, Thank you for your replies. I think this is a little different for a man because of the prostrate. My husband's Dr. tells us his problem is due to the prostrate being swelled from the hospital procedure. It is a little better but still not as it should be. We are hoping this flomax will reduce the prostrate swelling and I hope this Dr. knows the right treatment. I almost put my husband in the car and drove him to MN to Mayo but he did not want to go there. We could get another Dr.'s opinion but my husband does not want to chance another cystocopy right now. This has been such a worry because of lack of medical trust. I had breast cancer but I had and still have total trust in my Oncologist and that makes all the difference in how we can get throught these things. Thanks again, friends, I think we that experience the problem often give better advice than doctors. Nancy

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Hi Nancy:
I post regularly on the colorectal cancer site but just wanted you to know that my husband and his family regularily have "blood" found in a urinalysis..no clinical concern it is just there!!! only other cause I can think of is a blow to the kidney/bladder area (years back my husband was into martial arts and was always getting some kind of kick to the nether regions..
Take care and let us know how everything turns out.

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It is cystoscopy and it is much more difficult for a man than a woman, partly because it has further to go and partly because if goes through the prostate which can be painful. I really don't understand this tumor, no tumor thing. The doctor should know. The tests should show all of that. If your husband has had blood in his urine, he should find out why and if you have to change doctors, do so as quickly as possible. I am a bladder cancer survivor and a big part of is that I had a good doctor and the cancer was discovered early.


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