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Radiation burned up taste buds

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Is there anything that stimulates the taste buds on the tongue to get them working again?

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My tastebuds were toasted by radiation. Now that treatment is over, things have slowly gotten back to 'normal'. Whatever that is.
How many radiations have you had? Are you still being treated?
Hope this helps,

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My 39 radiation treatments completely eliminated all taste. It gradually improved over about six months. I could not eat without being able to taste, and so kept my feeding tube in for at least a couple of months after treatment ended. I did try Pilocarpine, a pill that for some stimulates the salivary glands. It did not help me and so after a month or so I stopped taking the pills. It has been about 18 months now since my radiation was finished, and I have all my taste back, and love to eat again.

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Hi, I had NPC 10/1999. Forget about the taste buds for now. You need saliva 1st. I have osteonecrosis from the rads. I can not have any teeth pulled, since my jaw bone will not grow back, just like anyone else who's had rads on the face & neck. Last August, a endodontist who does only root canals, says I have some saliva, so try chewing gum, trident w/ xylitol. It is now April and I do feel more saliva in my dry mouth. Get a juicer and make your own fruit & veggie juices. Make milk shakes, w/o ice cream. 1 1/2 cup milk, 1 banana, 1 teaspoon peanut butter, brewers yeast, 1 teaspoon cocoa powder. experiment w/ milk shakes. osteonecrosis is the next step. brush w/ Colgate Total 2 times a day. good luck

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