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Humbled and Honored

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Hey all you WONDERFUL Semi-Colons!!

sniff sniff


Truly, my cancer compatriots, I am honored and humbled by your kind words and your love bestowed upon me.

I just now opened up a package and the tears started all over again......

Thank you so much for the plaque to hang on my wall above my computer. I so wish I had a big photo of y'all to go with it......maybe in Vegas. Barb, you'll just have to send one along. You too kanga and jen! (but keep the clothes on for this one ok kanga??) haha

I really am at a loss for words (that's a first!!) to convey to y'all how deeply this has touched me. Arthur is the only one privy (well, and Emma too last night) to my outburst of sobs as I read the thread last night and then today when I opened up the box. What a beautiful "award" and I LOVED the "Peace" dove. How wonderfully appropriate. Barb you must have had a good laugh on that one!! :-)

You all know I am a woman with a mission and so often have felt like the lone voice crying out. But not anymore......not for awhile now.....and with more voices we WILL be heard! We are a force to be reckoned with and I dream of a day when good, solid alternative nutritional healing will be implemented into a "normal" cancer protocol and be covered by insurance!! (NO MORE DONUTS AT THE CHEMO CLINICS!!!!)

THAT will be the day I will dance on the rooftops naked (just kidding--wanted to see if SB was listening) and SHOUT with joy!!!

Anyway, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for surrounding me with such love and support.

For those of you who are wondering what the heck I am talking about here.....a bunch of the semi-colons got together and honored me with a plaque sent by Barb.

It reads:


presented to


Your Grateful Appreciation Of Your Extraordinary Involvement Unselfish Devotion & Loving Committment To The Awareness Of Alternative Therapies In Our Lives

May 2005

Together Forever The Semi-Colons

Wow. :-)

sniff sniff


peace, emily who is honored to be part of this group!

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Hey Hey. Glad you got it. You are totally welcome and totally deserving.

As soon as I get out of my dirty gardening clothes, I will post, in the expressions gallery a picture of the plaque. :)

I thought ahead for a change!!!

Enjoy. Think of us whenever you look at the "Award for Emily".

Love forever,


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Now you two have me sniffing. Em, you have been our rock. You are so deserving for your dedication, perserverance and compassion for all of us here at this site.

There are so many here who do so much for others, Kanga's heart is as big as his "rainbows" he sends our way and our very own SpongeBob always sends his great words of wisdom and comfort mixed with the humor we all need as we confront this diease. So many at this site offer so very much and I thank you all.

Can't wait till Vegas.


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Emily, YOU are very deserving of this honor, and my hat is off to Barb for doing this! Lots of love your way..both of you.. and hey Emily, I am seeing the Naturopathic Onc in the morning!! I'll shoot you an email and let ya know how ol Xena does! Luvnhuggs ~ Wanda

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Sorry guys...I have been away again. I will explain later.
Emily.......music from Carlene Carter..."sweet meant to be"
You have touched the lives of all of us sweetie and are worthy of recognition and then some!
In an unrelated to cancer meeting last saturday with a lady called "Julie" I saw the true meaning to the bond we all share. The lady and I were having a casual discussion about something and cancer happened to come into the conversation...how?, I don't recall. Nonetheless it turns out she is a victim of a needlestick and now is HIV positive and facing an uncertain future. Now bare in mind this was the first time I had met her. She became very tearfull and broke down, then apologised to me for doing so. I put my arms around her and told her she is NOT alone. I told her I understand her feelings and about all you guys n gals here. The tears never stopped flowing.(me too).....she new then that there is a special bond for all of us. I do think she will call me later to "talk". We all speak of "love" for each other Emily and I really, truly believe that no matter where we are or what we are doing......everyone here are not far from our thoughs. Your gift is a recognition for the love that you have given us all. Your steadfast belief in alternative medicine and your willingness to pass on all that information is not taken lightly. Everyone on CSN has helped here in their own way Emily....but your courage and determination to beat the demon conjures up a very important part of this site....important for us all .......INSPIRATION!!
We love you Emily.........and that is not to be taken lighly either!!

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To Barb and to Emily,

Thank you both for taking us further and deeper into being a true community.

To life!

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Em -

You are well loved around here and many thanks to Barb for spearheading the initiative to let you know just how much.

See you in Vegas for that photo!

- SB

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Hey Em.....did you ban me from your mail box? I tried to send you an email but it bounced babe. Or is your mail box full of congrats.? I will try again with a pic. later.
luv Ross n Jen

ps.....you stopped snivellin' yet????

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No way Jose!

Oops I mean, no way did I ban you from my email!! I wonder what's up??

I got an email from you this am though.

No, I cried again yesterday when I was trying to tell my friend Judy what y'all had done and I just had to put my head down on her counter and sob all over again. Geez.

Ok maybe today I will get through the day with out "snivellin'". :-)

dang I just love all y'all.

peace, emily with orange skin and red eyes ---pretty soon I will be the color of one of kanga and jen's rainbows!!

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Emily...I can't think of a better way to recognize you for your support of everyone here. Barb, and everyone else who helped to pull that off--what a nice, unselfish expression of appreciation.

Everyone take care!


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