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surgery went well - thanks guys

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well my dad's surgery went remarkably well this morning. the surgeon basically just went into the wound and took out what he says were "pockets of infection". It honestly took all of about 5 minutes. So now the nurse will continue to come every day to pack it but the doctor also ordered a "vac" machine to help with the process. Anyone out there know what a vac machine is or does. I was so happy that the procedure was over that I don't remember anything the doctor told me about this vac machine.

Anyway, I want to thank all of you for your kind thoughts, words and most importantly your prayers. I honestly wouldn't know what to do without you wonderful people in my life, so thanks once again.


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Julie, I am glad that your dad's surgery went well. My nephew had to use a vac. machine after his chest wound became infected. It is similiar to a breast pump machine. His was hooked up all the time,and he had to carry it around. He used it for about a month.

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Did somebody say vac? I had some wound issues due to radiation that fried my behind beyond repair. Deep fissures opened up and it was like packing the Grand Canyon. My plastic surgeon had to put me under to abrade dead tissue and install the wound vac (herinafter referred to as moon vac) Hyperbaric treatments moved things along by saturating my body with oxygen. Very interesting experience diving in the chamber with a dozen other people. One of them had leaches or maggots on board. Some of them got loose and they had to empty the ballast and sterilize everything. Euuw. After that I did not mind the mechanical sucking sound of my little friend. Also they gave me iv phentanol when it was time to change my bandage because of the tender region. So I would spend the next few hour halucinating. Oh, yeah. That was worth the trip.
Aspaysia, trying to remember the good old days.

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That's fab news and I hope things can now prgress more smoothly for you. the vac machine as people have described is a suctioon type of drain to remove fluid that accumulates as teh body heals. In dep wounds like your dad'd this fluid can collect in pockets under teh skin that don't drain so can get infected. With the vac the risk of infection is reduced and healing is easier.
Hope this helpful- best of luck,

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Very pleased to hear the good results Susana--now we hope this problem with his wound is solved and both your minds are at ease.
huggs, kanga n Jen

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