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chemo pills

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Hi there,
My mother CT scans came back clear. YEAH! We met with the oncologist yesterday and chemo starts in 2 weeks. Since she's been having problems with her veins they are giving her chemo pills. The doctor says it's the same if not better because people tend to react better with less side effects.

We also met with the surgeon today. He confirmed she is recovering remarkably well. Her bowel movements are totally off and she can't control her gas all the time but I guess that's to be expected after rectal surgery. The surgeon said she should be a poster child for rectal cancer because everthing ran so smoothly and he's very pleased with the pathology report.

Anyway...it's been 5 months now and my mom is CANCER FREE!!! YIPPIE. I have the pathology report in my hands and it confirms only one lymph node was effected.

Has anyone ever tried the chemo pills? She'll be on them for two weeks (4 in the morning and 4 at night) then 1 week off for a 4 month cycle.


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Hi Julie,

I was on chemo pills, xeloda, prior to my surgery, June 28, 2004 for rectal cancer. I had a few minor side effects, mouth sores and irritation that were easily taken care of by a prescription for something to suck on(can't remember what off hand.) Also some tingling in my fingers and a little redness. I took B6 for that and it helped. I also experienced fatigue and low blood counts and had some procrit injections, though I'm not sure how much of this was caused by xeloda as I was enemic when I began treatment and also had radiation at the same time which causes fatigue.
The doctor kept telling me that I would have diarrhea, but it never happened, maybe because I was taking iron due to the enemia.

I had a pet scan yesterday and will see the oncologist today. If the scan was clear, I will be going back on xeloda, 2 weeks on, 1 week off for 6 months. I think the pill form is much easier as I was able to complete 5 graduate level classes while on it in April and May. You don't have to worry about veins and sitting at the oncologists office. You can take the pills anywhere and get up and go.

I hope everything goes well with your Mom!

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thanks for the info jamie. my mother is much happier to get pills instead of injections. Good Luck with the scan.


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I have never been on chemo pills, just Folfox 4 so I cant comment on the pills but I will comment on you...you are awesome!!!

Everyone out there wishes they had someone in their life like you when something like this happens to us. You are, no doubt, an inspiration to other caregivers on this board. Your mother definitely did EVERYTING right in raising you. Keep the faith, never give up hope and never stop caring as you do...you make us all feel better.


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Geez....that reply was the sweetest thing I've ever read. thanks =)

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That's great about your Mom!! I'm just 4 weeks since surgery and starting xeloda on Monday. I'm stage IIB with no nodes but my cancer was right on the two blood supplies which go to the lungs and the liver/stomach/pancreas. I get my CT today. I'd be interested in any suggestions for side effects that anyone has.

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