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I'm a professional singer and I'm scared...

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Hi...Years ago I was diagnosed at the age of 16 with Hodgkin's Disease. I was treated with chemo and radiation. I have been in remission since 1983. Just recently I had a fine needle biopsy of my thyroid. I was disappointed to hear that I had a Hurthle cell neoplasm and would have to under go surgery to remove the right lobe of my thyroid for a surgical biopsy. I'm really scared as I am a singer, this is my greatest gift and I'm afraid I may lose the God given talent I have enjoyed sharing through out my whole life. Has anyone had this surgery or experience with Hurthle cell neoplasm or carcinoma? Please share...did it affect your voice? Thanks for any comments left... : )

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I had my right lobe removed in early feb, followed by the full thyroid several days later. My voice has been strong. I do notice a "thickness" to my voice towards the end of the day. I read this is normal for about a month. The main thing is the expertise of your surgeon. Does he/she do thyroid surgery regulary? If a teaching hospital, will a resident or medical student being doing the actual surgery? The risk is of vocal cord injury. Be sure you are confident in your surgeon. Try some imagery techniques prior to your surgery. Close your eyes, relax, focus on your breath. Imagine yourself recovering from the surgery. You feel strong. Your voice is strong. Imagine yourself singing at a concert (church,whatever)two months after the surgery. The mind is very powerful. Positive messages need to be sent to your body. One more thing, it is normal to have a sore throat and hoarser than usual for about a week after surgery due to the tube they put down your throat for anesthesia. This is not permanent. Good luck! You'll do well.

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I underwent thyroid surgery two times. the first time the tumor was large and for three months my voice was hoarse. No more than a quiet talk. Then the loud mouth was back. No changes in my voice or my singing even though it was never a professional voice at all.

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hi i had thyroid cancer in 1996 i am not exactly sure of the exact kind or name but i can find out. If did not affect my voice my throat was sore for a while though... hang in there...

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I had a Total Thyroidectomy a week ago. I came out of the surgery and my voice was perfectly fine. After only a week, I can sing without any pain at all. I am not a professional singer but sing often with my seven year old daughter. I was really scared about losing my voice. Just remember it is only like a 3% chance of damage.

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I had a left lobe thyroidectomy in Sept. 1989 and the right lobe in October 1989. Just had a lateral neck dissection April 15th for a recurrance. The net is that THE SURGEON is the key. I am also a singer. I have had no issues with vocal cords although that is a risk. I chose my most recent surgeon because of his expertise in this type of surgery and expresses my concerns about singing to him. In fact, funny the that anesthiologist that administered during this surgery actually saw me in a performance - what a small world. Make sure you do your research and feel comfortable with who you choose to perform the surgery. You'll be fine. Good Luck!

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strange, I had thyroid cancer, the whole thing removed... Great job the surgeon did on the scar, can't even see it to the human eye, Sloan Kettering did a great job, nut I also had Hodgkins Disease, I know they are related somehow butr can't prove it..... Interesting you fall into my boat, I'm also in the music biz.... what I do exactly is another matter.... If you're on synthroid, watch out, I got fat for two years after ward then my weight got balanced out after my body got used to the synthroid, my voice is the same one I've always had and they kind of botched some stuff under the knife

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my voice got a bit deeper.ladies like it,hehehe
but don't worry,it will be ok.

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Hi. I am a serious vocal student and amateur actress, and I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last november. One of my first concerns was what would happen to my voice. Discuss this with your surgeon! Perhaps it's too late, since your message is old. I told my voice teacher about my problem, and she advised me to tell everyone involved with my treatment that I was a singer- most importantly the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. My surgeon added an extra hour onto my surgery just to be careful of my vocal chords. My anethesiologist turned out to be a singer himself, and he was very cognizant of my problem. The night before my surgury, I performed as the soprano soloist for Messiah in front of 700 people, singing 'rejoice greatly, o daughter of zion'. Now, almost six months after my surgery, I still cannot sing that aria- but I can sing! My vocal chords are undamaged- now I just have to rebuild the stamina. Don't take it too fast- give your vocal chords time to rest. YOu won't regret it in the long run. Good luck with your surgery- I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to come out with completely undamaged chords.

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