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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Hi All,

Has anyone been troubled with CTS. I have had numbness in my hands and fingers for a couple of months and assumed it was chemo induced neuropathy. However, recently I was at a neurologist with my mom and he said it was carpal tunnel. After reading up on this it sounds right on. This can be induced by excess growth hormone production and hormonal changes. Since I have not been taking HRT anymore even though I am ER neg maybe this is related. Does anyone think weekly doses of Procrit could be an influence? If it was neuropathy my toes would also be involved the neurologist said. Love to hear what you guys know about this subject. Not being able to sleep well at night because of the numbness is driving me nuts. It is typical for this to be worse at night. I haven't been on the PC in a week with no change and I don't do alot of repetitive wrist motion.
Hugs, Pauletta

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Hello Pauletta,
Check your jaw to see if you a experiencing TMJ Syndrome. Does your jaw pop when you open your mouth? Is it tender to the touch. Your body is very connected to other body parts and it is possible that from all the stress you have undoubtly been under, your cervical alignment may be off as well and can contribute to your problem. A licensed massage therapist that has been properly trained in cranial-sacral work could be a simple answer. I do this kind of work and the results are amazing. It certainly wouldn't cost much to check it out. Good luck and write back and let us know.

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Well, I have tingling fingers and numbness and it is not from chemo, I didn't have it, it is from the axillary dissection. Sighhh, what a bummer. Love, Shirlann

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Oh, and mine is much worse at night too. Bummer #2, Shirlann

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I believe you can have neuropathic problems in a limb not both. I have neuropathic pain in both sides of chest but only in one shoulder and arm. Also the arm I have most of the lymphodema if that has anything to do with it and it might if you are having numbness, think of that at all? Surger can cause neuropathic problems, a side affect so to speak.
Good luck with your hunt for answers,

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Hi Pauletta,
I had carpal tunnel sugery on both hands about four months before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had 4 rounds of ac and then 4 rounds of taxol and while I was getting the taxol my fingertips and toes started getting numb and tingleing.My hands also started going numb again along with my arm on the mastectomy side alot during the night. That was all in 2000. Finally I went back to see the orthopedic surgeon about my hands and arm and he sent me for another nerve conduction test because I thought sure I had the carpal tunnel back and I was wrong. The DR. said it was all to to the chemo I had. I am still having it and I guess that they can give you some kind of meds. for it if it is really bad but I figure I have enough meds. to take now so I am just learning to live with it.That is my story I don't know if it is any help to you but my thoughts are with you.
God Bless

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