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" Healing, and remaining healed "

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I would like to introduce myself. I am Genaro Spencer at netinprogress@yahoo.com, for those interested, I would like to refer you to www.kcm.org and the other ministries under the search term " faith ministries, ministry and faith ministries + prayer requests ". Here, many people have learned " applied faith " in connection with their challenge. When you are highly inspired, please write me, please respond!!!!!!!

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Call me Eliza and my story is very hard to tell. My story Is called "Elizabeth's Heart". and I will give you the short version of it: I am a young woman, in my 30's I found a lump when I was 6 months pregnant. I complained for 4 months about the right brest. All I could think about was breast feeding my baby, third child: Erika is now 4 1/2, Ryan is 3 and Baby Joseph is 18 months. My OBGYN sent me to the breast sergeon in Jan. He in turn ordered a sono - negative results. Told me to go have my baby and come back since I was in my 8th month. Forgot about it and went on with my life 2 small children and the third on the way.
OK short version = 8 months of breast feeding with getting as much milk as I can a big lump 8cm. Not going away. Finally on Dec. 5th I went to the Breast sergeon and he did a needle biopsy in his office. All he got out of this lump was blood and some clear fluid. He told me and I knew there was no milk there - It's usually cancer when it comes out like this but we will test so I will here from him on Friday if its positive or on come in on monday to see me. He called on Friday - went to his office December 7, 2001 and finally was diagnosed with Matastasized Brest Cancer. Next step that day he sent me to Dr. Hindenburg at Winthrope Hospital for treatment ASAP - So it's in my Breast, Limph Nodes, Liver, then I get a headache and he's telling me take two tylenol. Mu Husband, John, starting calling Memorial, and American Cancer Society and everybody associated with Cancer - We are in a Caner Center Now - The Don Monti Pavilion at North Shore Hospital, Manhasset. Once we started taking to the Doctor - he oredered the test of the brain and there it was a large tumor - had to get brain radiation - the whole brain. Now in one week I'm doing direct brain radiation - and Need to know if anyone and been thru this - give me an idea of staying still for four hours. That's my short version - All help and prayers are greatly appreciated.
Well Wishes, ELIZA....

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