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lets live it up!!

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Hi all, I was reading the posts about hair coloring. my take on the whole thing is do what you want. I have been semi conscious about what I have been doing for the past 18 months, but I still go shopping while on chemo, sit in the sun for more than five minutes, blah blah blah. I do not smoke, never have, never did drugs or drank in excess, and yet I still got cancer. So I figure I am going to continue to live my life as I see fit and pooey on what I am told. I have never been one to do as I was told anyway!! Hell, my first onco told me I only had one to two years, but I am proving him wrong!! I dont drink while on chemo, but on my week off, a nice cold beer goes down nice. I swam in the lake today and then laid out my blanket and sunned for about a half hour. Bad girl, we are not supposed to be in the sun while on chemo, poop on that.
I guess what I am saying is that if it feels right and makes you happy, then do it. We only live once in this body, so enjoy it to the fullest. I am not staying in the house and stagnating, I am going to have fun with my friends and when I do go, then I will go with a content, happy smile on my face.
We are all going to beat this together, stay strong of mind and body, and giggle your days away!!!
hugs to you all, Tiger

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Tiger - I agree with you 100% and that is how I intend on living my life also. As long as I walk and talk with the Good Lord up above, I feel he will watch over me. I had been doubtful about being in the sun also, but have a trip planned to the beach at the end of July and plan on enjoying it.
Enjoy life and we all look up to you because you are such a fighter. Keep on fighting!
God Bless You - Lucy

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wigs off to us all and a huge pat on the back!! Lord knows we deserve it.
As long as we walk with the Lord, talk with the Lord, He will help us kick some cancer ASS !!!!!!

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Hey! Tiger, I'm with you! I've been battling breast cancer for 9 years but life goes on and be happy! How about hot air ballooning! Try it!


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Hi Tiger, you know most doctors are just men, and most men are often wrong ... -) -) So live it up, you're perfectly right !

I liked Brenda's post on how statistics can lie. And I have yet to meet a single AVERAGE woman on this board. I think you ladies are all exceptional ! And having your attitude is part of it.

Take care,

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hey tiger,

you are so inspiring! i finished treatment in may and to celebrate treated myself to a week in HAWAII. I learned how to snorkel and SURF. I never felt more alive that day. Visiting Pearl Harbor was sobering but I still appreciate every day on this earth. PLEASE keep up your strong spirit. I am praying for you.



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