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Input about tamoxifin

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This week as most of you have read about the studies being done. I just started taking tamoxifin last week and don't see my onco. til July 20. How is your thinking on the news about pros and cons on this drug? Sharon

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There are more pros than cons, it seems, about this drug. And we don't know that much about the aSudy as lay people. The media grabs anything that will attract attention.

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I am with jean. Anything seems good one minute and then years down the road it isn't. I think we have to look at the chances and know what you are getting yourself into. Most of us listen to the doctors and hope for the best.
Hang in there things will become clearer to you.
Be good to yourself,

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i finish my chemo on aug 9th, and my onc had also recommended tamoxifin after. i personally have to take a long hard look at the pros and cons and do my research. one of my friends just received a $350k settlement from the good folks that manfactured phen-phen. she now has major heart problems and the prognosis for a healthy long life isn't terrific. that was suppposed to be safe, too. i'm not normally a negative person, but i believe that large paydays for drug companies and a very powerful lobby group in washington have much to do with what is approved by the fda these days. with that in mind, i'll do more research and speak with my doctors, but at this point i feel i may opt out of taking the drug. that's just my opinion. we all have to do what feels right and i know you'll make the right decision for you! good luck and God bless you.

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I too am very concerned about taking tamoxifin. The side effects and long term damage are very scary. I'm not yet convinced I will. I have always been very healthy, until this Stage 1 Breast Cancer. And, it appears that the Premerin may have caused that. Luckily, this lump was found while still small-less than 1/2" & not spread to any lymph nodes. The radiation oncologist said that I will possibly have heart damage from the radiation. I don't know that adding more possible problems is the answer.

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I heard the report on TV and we know that they only pick up on what will catch our attention. Think we need to discuss with Doctor and get full report on this. I think from what I have read since the TV slanted the info a little. I think the pros our weith the cons, but we do need to stay after this and get much more info I think.
I am a 16year survivor and never took it before, but it is being rec ommended by doctor now since risk increases with age, etc. Going to learn more before I decide.

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I too am very concerned. One friend was in a test group for 5 yrs. She hated it-she had to urinate every 30 minutes. If she had not been in the test group, she said she would have quit. Another friend told me she would rather have cancer again, because the night sweats and hot flashes were miserable. She quit taking it after 2 years.
I am very concerned about the long term side effects; liver & kidney problems, blood clots and increased risk for uterine cancer.

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>>>Another friend told me she would rather have cancer again, because the night sweats and hot flashes were miserable. She quit taking it after 2 years.<<<

Night sweats and hot flashes are annoying. Cancer when it returns is NEVER curable and cancer kills - worse than unpleasant side effects.

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I went on tamoxifen in 1994, was on it for 5 years, with no side effects. I've been off of it since 1999. I am also still cancer free since my surgery in 1993. Best of luck to you in whatever decision you make, I know it will be the right one for you. Cinder

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