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Diagnosed with Stage 4 Squamus Cell Carcinoma of the Maxillofacial

This is a reply to Dan from prior posts he made.  I was diagnosed with Squamus Cell Carcinoma which was the size of a baseball and encompassed entire right side of my mouth and face and sinus cavity. My entire right side was removed..including upper cheek bone, upper jaw, upper soft palate, lower orbital socket, sinus cavity and all of my top teeth. This was called a free flap procedure.  Along with 23 lymph nodes in my neck.  Neck dissection as well.

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Neuroendocrine Cancer diagnosis

I was recently diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer that just so happened to grow in my pancreas. So I will be having a major surgery soon in the next few weeks to remove part of my pancreas, stomach, small intestines, and bile duct. Long recovery time.


I wanted to find somewhere that I could share my feelings, emotions with, and have people understand all of the ups and downs. Cancer is a scary scary word. But I know I have remained positive. There are moments when I break as I'm sure every human who is inflicted with cancer knows and relates to.


Ginger's Story

Hello, My name is LaVonda and I am the oldest of four. My mother (Virginia Cook) passed away September 4 from Hochkin's Lymphoma. She was part of the Chemo Angel network and I can not express the joy receiving her angel mail brought my mom and our family as she battled this horrid disease. She has lost her fight, but now she is at peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy each and every "angel" brought my mom.

In her memory, I would like to become part of this network of "angels", so that I may pass on the same joy to other victims of cancer.


My Dad was diagnosed with Melanomain August 2014. He had two lymph nodes removed that tested positive for cancer. We are being referred to MD Anderson and our first appoiont is Sept 15th. We have no answers as of yet. Hopefully we will get some soon.

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Second time around

I'm status post total thyroidectomy 13 days and it is a bit overwhelming. 2 years ago I was diagnosed wd colon cancer during routine colonoscopy at age 50. I had surgery and stage 1 not needing chemo. Upon routine ct scan past couple of weeks is when they discovered my big nodules on both thyroids.  After many tests , I've had to have a total and diagnoses I'm not sure. it has not spread per surgeon. Lymph nodes not affected and upon what he can see, it's open and close.

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Very new at this

So starting my caner story I had squamish cell carsanoma on my anus. I was very lucky I was staged at 1 and I did have surgery and 5-fu chemo and 5 weeks of raidiation to be caner free. My questions are starting now after two years after treatment Iam still not back to the quality of life I had before and getting very discerned in the way my life is changing. Iam looking for other of same caner placement and how there life is now after treatment. Before I was a ful time massage therapist very much in my prime I was 47 when I when into treatment now at 50 I am still unable to work.

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My experience

I have been diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer stage 2. I am new to this forum and would like to share my experience so far, I have had 4 cycles of AC Chemo, 16 cycles of Taxol which I breezed through without any major complications. Mild nauseau, darkening of the nails, numbness. But overall I tolerated the treatment very well. Did my surgery on July 11 was released the day after, luckily I didn't get any pains or bleeding did my exercises on a daily basis and complied with the doctors recommendation as to the different exercises that was required.

my story so far

october31st 2013 DR YU from mercy said the words i feared most you have CANCER i immidiatly felt 4 and my oldest brother told me the monster was under my bed.

        from that moment on the worldwind started i left dr yu office and headed down the long road i was getting on. Minutes later i was at Mercy hospital portland maine

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Blowing up a Balloon click on this for link

No blowing up a balloon is not a big deal to most people. To me it is a very big deal, I am a laryngectomee, a neck breather and have no vocal cords and can't breathe through my nose or hold my breath. I do have a TEP which is a prosthsis in my neck [just under 6mm] that lets me divert air to my throat so I can talk. Because of the TEP I can now whistle, blow out candles on a cake and blow up a balloon. All of those things I'm not suposed to be able to do. It took two months to learn how whistle and had to  practice every day.

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Laurel Fork Falls

Went hiking again yesterday to Laurel Fork Falls,  in Tennessee on the Appalachian Trail .  Was a beautiful day and ended up hiking a little over 4 miles.  I am breaking in a new pair of hiking boots and trying to get in shape for a longer over night hike in the Smokies.   Hoping all the exercise will help me feel better :)

Laurel Fork Falls
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