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My story began in November 2009

My story began in November 2009, when I thought I had a hemorrhoid. I remember driving to my sister’s house over Thanksgiving and trying to sit on one side because it felt like something was there. A week later I had my annual OBG appointment and she performed a rectal exam. She assured me that it was NOT a hemorrhoid and that I should get it checked immediately. From that point on, everything happened so quickly that I felt like I was living a nightmare.


I was diagnosed with carcinosarcoma MMMT stage 3 in Nov. last year.  Had a radical hysterectomy followed by 6 cycles of chemo. 

Recurrance has occured 4 months into chemo break.  Chemo again. HELP......

my fight with cancer

I was 71 and thought that it was time to be pro-active  so went for exam..  Enlarged but smooth was the verdict from the Dr.  What does that mean I asked with shafts of fear running through me.  Oh he said its enlarged  but --  that is normal for your age.  We will do a PSA test in two days.  {that is to let the disturbances settle}   Psa result    45.. Hmm he said that’s not good   let’s do it again in a couple of days.


Vulvar and Anal cancer

Hi  I am a 64 year old female diagnosed in March 2016 with Squamous Cell Anal cancer which spread to my vulvar area.  At this point, after 5 chemo treatments and 20 radiation treatments, I am on fire and simply put, feel like I cannot keep going.  My strongest pain med is Percocet.  I am supposed to go back yet today to continue 5 more radiation treatments this week with one more chemo (Cysplatin)....then 8 "booster treatments" before this treatment plan is supposed to be "complete".

Worried daughter


My father who is 67 years of age has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer with his psa being 39.79 and gleason score of 9 and 8..we just did the PET scans today and are waiting for the reports. I am really worried and want to know what do these results indicate...what are his chances of getting fully recovered and what treatment should we going ahead with. He has had no symptoms except for not been able to urinate smoothly past 3-4 months. Can someone please help me out here ...I'm really worried about him..

Stage 1V colorectal with liver metastases

Started folfox - 2nd round. I have a persistent clear fluid with some blood secreted from the anus. is this Fol fox related? 

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Update 2016

Well last year I wasn't dx with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. My hypothyroid levels are boardline Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Which I guess that is good. Still doesn't explane what's going on with all of my systems.

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Oral pain

My name is Jim, im a Registered Nurse and now a oral tongue cancer survivor. I thought i was alone, but praise be to God i found this web site. As a nurse , i had an idea of some of the treatment,  side effects. Well i 5 months passed surgery, which was a total revomal of my tongue a flap reconstruction. My progress was moving well. Now it ' s  been 5 weeks. I am having swelling in my chin, jaw, and the occasional  pain . I've read a lot of what everyone  is saying I need some help. Thanks him

Getting back to life after anal cancer treatments...

I am new to anything regarding a "blog", so I hope I stay on point  As of today, I am 6 weeks past my last radiation treatment and 9 weeks since 2nd round of Mitomycin and then the removal of the 5-FU pump.  My diagnosis was stage 2 squamous cell, poorly differentiated, no-keritanizing,anal cancer.  Like many survivors that I have read about, I thought that I had a pretty angry hemorroid that was just getting meaner.  My PCP did not even exam my evil roid...he referred me to a colorectal surgeon.  The lovely woman did a quick exam and immediately told me she was certain that the mass was ca

Third time's a charm!

I am a three time breast cancer survivor. Right now, I am just trying to recoup from the chemo treatments! For me at this point, it is not an easy thing to do. Seems the things around the house that I enjoy doing, for now, are not doable. Just making the bed in the mornings takes most of my strength and I have to rest. Yard work is one of my loves, but the heat and not much strength, make it all but impossible. So, I spend quite a bit of time on the computer, watching tv (mainly in the evenings), doing part of the cooking, light housekeeping and most of the laundry.


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