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One year ago today...

One year ago today my doctor told me I had cancer. It's been a scary year, but it has also been interesting and it's motivated me to make some changes in my life that I'd been too scared or lazy to make. Mostly it's taught me a lot about myself. So I'm wishing myself Happy Anniversary of the worst day of my life-- it's good to have some time between now and then. My new date to count from is May 27, 2014-- the day they told me my MRI showed no evidence of disease. Six weeks and two days cancer free.


Was diagnosed before Christmas can't have any operations just dealing with chemo right now they're talking about putting me on the pill next week to chemo really well no problems anyone know anything about the pills


My mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma, stage 4 lung cancer, brain cancer, and blood clots in most of her body. She is going threw radiation. She said she been feeling light headed and had low blood presure. Has anyone had these symptoms. I am worried that she not telling me everyting the doctor telling her about her cancer .Can stage four be cured I have watched serveral of my family members die from stage four lung cancer included my mom mother.

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My celebration on Independence Day was somewhat unusual this year. On that day, exactly 100 days after my lumpectomy, the last of my surgical skin fell off.

Rather, my surgical skin from the lumpectomy fell off. My port insertion site continues to heal.

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this has been an adventure

I've gone through three rounds of chemo (Taxol and carboplatin) so far. Round 1 I ended up in the emergency room with blocked bowel. My hair fell out day 16 of round one. By round 2 I was suffering with folliculitis and had to do a round of antibiotics. Round 3 I had to start the Neulasta shot because my WBC count went too low. 5 days later ended up back in the ER from bone pain in my lower back so bad I couldn't stand up or talk. I have 3 more rounds of chemo to go and then 3 rounds of radiation. Wonder how that will go....


Hello, my name is Heather. My mother is battling stage 4 small cell lung cancer. She found out a little over a year ago and does chemotheraphy treatments weekly. She's an amazing woman inside and out. Also, she's been a HUGE INSPIRATION in creating our very small business called MOMS AND DAUGHTERS. Im not here to sell anything to anyone but im hoping to conect with a few people and get some feedback on what im making. Ive decided to make custom made hats with hair extensions sewn into the lining so it makes it very realistic and more lightweight than a wig.

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This entry is a follow-up to "Trends and Mysteries."

I met with the ARNP at the cancer center yesterday. She immediately linked my two transient and weird side effects to specific meds:

1. My need to concentrate on breathing and swallowing because my pharyngeal (?) muscles seemed sluggish was likely due to Emend (anti-nausea), which works to suppress the gag reflex.

The beginning

I have finally found the love of my life. Unfortunately, he is a stubborn and private individual. He was diagnosed with cancer last year & his doctor told him that he had better get to work on his bucket list. He refuses all treatment or any test that can shed light on the cancer's progression. It was first diagnosed in his lymph glands under his right arm. In less than a year, the PCP thinks it has spread to his lungs. We can't be sure without a test, which he, of course, refuses. He is coughing up blood on a daily basis, even if it's just a litlle bit.

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Trends and Mysteries

On the whole, my side effects continue to decrease, in tandem with some oddities cropping up.

1. I haven't needed as much nap time after my Cycle 3 infusion, compared to the previous two. Napping decreased from 15 to 9 to 8.5 hours.

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Living With the Death Of Someone Special

My sister and best friend passed away on 6/16/2014 at 6:32pm from an opportunistic infection from Leukemia - AML. Even though I have never had cancer, my sister did and that touched my life in a different way. I live in the state of Nevada and she lived in California. I travelled to see her every weekend after work and spent the weekends sleeping in her room at the hospital where she was being treated.

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