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Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Maxillofacial

This is a reply to Dan from prior posts he made.  I was diagnosed with Squamus Cell Carcinoma which was the size of a baseball and encompassed entire right side of my mouth and face and sinus cavity. My entire right side was removed..including upper cheek bone, upper jaw, upper soft palate, lower orbital socket, sinus cavity and all of my top teeth. This was called a free flap procedure.  Along with 23 lymph nodes in my neck.  Neck dissection as well.

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Breast Cancer bonvoyage

I had just another abnormal mammogram July 5, 2013. Had three of them in the past 10 years. Biopsy always showed "nothing". This time it was something. The next months was a lot of hurry up and wait. I'm Lucky. "Only" 6mm. "Only" lumpectomy. "Only" radiation. Tamoxifen for 6 months. Now incontinent of urine. Really? Stopping Tamoxifen now. Now taking Zyvox injection to "force me into menopause" so I can take an AI to decrease chances of recurrance. 3 sisters and a niece preceed me in the diagnosis.

BernardM 58 and CLL

Hi I am 58 and diagnosed with CLL early stages, 15000 whc, no treatment yet, usual advice of something else might kill you before this will, etc.Sorry but I am not the kind of person that sees the sense in waiting for something as serious as this to get worse before you go to do something to try and get rid of it. Accordingly I got second opinion and further tests to see what they would reveal re prognosis and treatment. Answer to the question was not good as the cd38 marker was poitive which I think is a n indication of a more aggressive form with a shorter life expectancy.

Our quest: to find some amazing surgeon somewhere in the world that can operate on Anne



My wife , Anne, 63, was diagnosed with colon cancer metastatised to her liver on May 2013.  We live in Ottawa, On and she has been receiving FOLFIRI until 

August 2014 and then she was switched to FOLFOX which she didn't tolerate very well. After the third injection , the onc gave her a break and she has been 9 weeks without chemo. 


Could this be something to worry about like Lymphoma??

So for well over 2 years I have had a pea sized lump located right along my jaw line. When I initially noitced it my primary Doctor sent me to a Maxillofacial Surgeon thinking it might be a salivary gland the surgeon did a panoramic xray and said it looked like a cyst but to be sure I had to have it biopsied.

Wierd smell & short-term memory

My husband had surgery for an esthesioneuroblastoma last February - both the cranial and nasal approach.  All is going well.  While this is a minor concern in view of all the problems that could be happening, he constantly complains about a wierd smell and his short term memory is somewhat affected.   Since his olfactory nerve was removed it can't be a "smell".  I am wondering if anyone else has had a problem with a wierd "smell" or memory.

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Just joined

I'm so happy to have found this site. 

cll with WBC 19.5 Neutrophils 33.9

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Pumping Iron, Part 2/Ruminations

Seven Taxol infusions down, five to go!

Full size

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My oddessey

So status post 14 days total thyroidectomy !! Omg. !! This is not easy . I'm post colon cancer survivor 2 years ago. I handled that pretty well .. yup, I guess cuz now the hormones are invloved. Top it off energy hormones... U can't take that away from me!!  Il be honest I was depress for a bit but I've decided to fight that... Yesterday I was off for a jog. Today was my first day at the gym. And I went out wd friends last nite . I'm not gona lie , I have bouts of sickness after activity but I Chanel it to something else. Like clean the house ..

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