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Bradley from Aberdeen))

I am Bradley, and I live on Washington State's Coastline in the Great Northwest. Bradley from Aberdeen))


Dave Rawlings machine



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Blood in urine after BM

After I have a hard bowel movement I have blood in my urine. Its been almost two months since my prostate was removed



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Go Bag/Thoughts on a Commercial

Happy New Year, everyone!

1. Go Bag

Thanks to the need to reach a minimum purchase on a good sale to get free shipping last month, I ordered a decent-sized fanny pack. I have tasked that fanny pack with being my hospital emergency go-bag.

Caring for mom

Well yesterday was my first real day of caregiving for my 69 year old mom.  She was diagnosed approximately 2 years ago with colon cancer and now she is probably in her last month of life.  She is finished with chemo and radiation and is now in Hospice care living at our home.  I am not working right now and live with my husband and 13yr old daughter.  Mom has lived with us the past 6 years.  I do have two older college age children who dorm at their perspective campuses.  I am prepared to be home with mom for the next two months.

need help with fears

i recently found out that i have a 1.7 cm spot in my lower right lobe from having a pet scan. i am 63 and am scared because the dr says i have no option but surg. i survived internal hemroidal cancer in 1999 ..but my children and ALSO myself are afraid it may spread.......can anyone advise me

New Member

Hello, I am Al's wife and I just joined today. I am reaching out to other caregivers to help in this critical time. I am ready to pick up and run to family in Atlanta as my husband has lashed out and wants more "control" in our life and wants me to stop "smothering" him and "treating him like a 12 year old child". He is still very independent 1 year post diagnosis and I believe this disease is going to tear our relationship apart. Please reach out to me before i walk out the door!

Hurthle cell carcinoma/ thyroid ca

So I am 52 F just diagnosis with Hurthle cell carcinoma size 3.5x2.5x2. Presences of oncocytic follicular patterned lesion completely surrounded by thin and markedly irregular fibrous capsule. A single focus of lymphovascular invasion present on 2 slides. Had isthmus removed which was the largest mass, There are two smaller ones that were not removed as of yet.  Scheduled for total thyroidectomy on the 7th. Cancer is new too me, any input where help. Not really sure on the prognosis the doctor is not overly concerned.  But any information someone can give would be wonderful.  Ty

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Non small cell lung cancer


I was diagnosed with a mass on my upper left lobe of my lung in July 2015. The doctors confirmed it as non small cell or adenocarcinoma.

My past diagnosis detail and Persistent Chemo-Induced Alopecia

Diagnosis (6/21/11) Breast Cancer HER2+/ 6 treatments of Taxotere/Carboplatin/Herceptin once every three weeks followed by 9 more months of Herceptin - once every three weeks

I am living with Persistent Chemo-Induced Alopecia, possibly due to the Taxotere drug.

Combination drugs

Hi everyone. I just finished cisplatin x6 and 35 radiation therapy treatments. I'm about to start carboplastin and 5FU. Does anyone have experience with this combination. My oncologist said it was hard on the body. 


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