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New Normal Redux

In the days following my hospital discharge for a port-associated blood clot, I've added to my To Do list and have been checking off the tasks.

Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma

Hello, I am new here. Anyone else? Diagnosed last summer, radical hysterectomy July 2015, 6 cycles of carboplatin/taxol began September, my last was December 24th. I will begin external pelvic radiation this week (January 2016) and am stage IIIC1. Am being treated ongoing for blood clot after surgery, which complicated my port for chemo, ended up with huge hematoma. It was unusable and very painful, no one had seen anything like that (told to me by different doctors and np's). Finally removed end of October, have always had chemo in veins, w/ fine results.

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That Was Quick (Go-Bag's Maiden Voyage)

Four days after I posted my entry on my ER Go-Bag, I had to use it. Or, as one of my nurses put it, "That's spooky."

On Friday, two days after I posted the entry, I spotted a bruise-like skin discoloration on my right side, level with my breasts. It was about the size of a quarter but it wasn't painful or tender. I figured I had inadvertently bumped into something and left it at that. Later on I noticed other skin discolorations on my torso, which looked more like stretch marks.

searching for DFSP doctor in Denver, CO

My daughter was diagnosed with DFSP on her back/shoulder area and had the MOH's surgery when she was 7 years old.  Now she is 16. The margins were free and clear but a red line recently appeared on the scar.  I'd like to see a physician about this in our area (Denver, CO.) If we need to go out of state, we will.  We had gone to different dermatologists but then were told we only needed to come in if anything changes.  After reading more about this, I realize how rare this is and how serious it can be.  I don't know who to trust, since other doctors made light of it. Thanks in advance.

Appendicial Cancer

A 52 Year old male going in for a cat scan to diagnose a "possible small hernia" on 11/05/15. 12 Hours later I was diagnosed with a mass on my appendix the size of a softball. It was said to be a low grade mucinous neoplasm of the appendix. The mass had broken  and leaked cancerous material into my organ cavity. An exploratory was completed on 11/09/15. It was determined a portion of the stomach, colon, lower intestine, and diaphram had been compromised with cancerous mucus. On 11/19/15 a 6 1/2 hour procedure was completed with a HIPEC hot chemo bath.

84 yr old mother - Ovarian cancer

hi:  new to this site.  My mother was diagnosed with stage IV Ovarian cancer last December.  there were no tumors found.  So she had surgery of any sort. Ca-125 was 4200 when diagnosed.  She did 6 treatments of carboplatin and pacitaxel.  Ca-125 went down to 17. Jumped to 39 after 2 months .  Then about fives months after last chemo it went to over 1100.  Now she is doing Gemzar treatments.  My real question is about alternative treatments/supplements.  My dad reads a lot on the Internet and he finds a lot of sites about alternative medicines.

Stage IV metastatic EC now cancer free


This is my first posting to this site.  After reading many of the entries on this site, I felt I had to join.

October 2014- diagnosed with Grade 3 endometrioid endocarcinoma  (endometrial cancer)

November2014- total hysterectomy, plus removal of ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, 13 lymph nodes, part of omentum and perirectal tumor <1cm, cancer went into
lymphatic system

January 2015- CT scan prior to recommended treatment of radiation and chemotherapy.

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Pancreatic cancer fighter

This is my first note after I signed up on this website. Currently reading other blogs and information. Will share my story and thoughts soon.


Black mucus

Diagnosed with malignant lung cancer in Oct 2015.  Decided not to take further action.  Do have DNR etc

Last night coughing up black mucus its clear again now but coughed all night.

This morning I realized lost 5 lbs.  Yesterday and prior 145 this morning 140.

Anyone had this I haven't  had any procedures or radiation.  My lungs feel lighter.  Not coughing as much as usual today.

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Bradley from Aberdeen))

I am Bradley, and I live on Washington State's Coastline in the Great Northwest. Bradley from Aberdeen))


Dave Rawlings machine




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