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Living with GBM IV my brain cancer journey

I'm currently 57 years of age and I was Diagonsed with glioblastoma multiform stage 4 November 17th, 2013  Had it removed at MD Anderson, Houston, TX.  I did radiation and a year of Temador. I'm coming up to my 2 year annaversery this November. I feel strong I walk often and do yoga as often as possiable every day if my time allows. Seam like everything gets in my way to get my yoga secission in.  I'm searching for long term survivors. Anyone that can give me advice on what is possiable just ahead around the corner of my journey. Thanks  John 

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My Grandma has Stage4 Cancer;

So last week when i recived the call from my Dad saying that his mother J (age57) was admitted to the hospital with something called Vertigo...of course I was immediatley concerned for her and started to worry because she doesnt drink,smoke, or none of that so it confused me on why she had this "Vertigo".

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whats best for cindy

I found out 3 months ago that my sister has stage 4 lung cancer. We are meeting with her and her doctors in 2 days to help her make some decisions. Should she go for more chemotherapy or go to hospice . She is 51 years old . She has schizophrenia.  She has had to fight all her life just to survive with this horrible mental illness.  And now she has to try and make this decision.  I want to step up and be there for her but im not sure what to do. Im scared.  

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This frogs journey

When i was first diaganoised with cancer and the doctor explained what all was going to happen it didn't seem that bad. But after the double masectomy and implants its seems like my life has took a turn for the worse. I guess physically i was fine but i felt like part of me was missing. Now i am on medicine for depression and anxiety but it doesn't seem to do any good. There are days i don't even want to get out of the bed.

How interesting multipal medical history can change your treatment.

When I was 11 years old, in 1950, I had bulbar and right parilitic  polio and due to damage to my brain stem, caused  severe reactions to medications, including cardiac arrest with the first dose.

The diagnosis

I never thought that cancer would be a part of my families life. The day we found out my mom was coming home from the hospital. She was the one who gave us the news, all I remember is feeling broken. I knew it wasn't about me and that I needed to be there for her. All the plans I had for her were gone. When it was discovered that it was stage 3 I almost lost it. I am so scared  and I know she is scared too.we have no idea where the end will be, but my family and I are in it together.

My Story " Ovarian Cancer"

In Jan of 2003 my life was perfect. I had the perfect marriage, the perfect kids, the perfect life. In May of 2003 my sister died of PPH. I remember sitting at her funeral with a pain in my stomache that wouldnt go away. I was thinking to myself when I get home if its still there Ill go get checked. Well it was and after being checked I was told it was gallstones. I went that thursday for a routine gall stone removal surgery, just 5 poke holes they said. lol When I woke up standing above me was not the surgeon, but my OBGYN.

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I volunteered at two events on Oct. 10. "We Can" Weekend, a cancer education fair, was sponsored by my radiation center with major support from my cancer center. The event occurred in the morning and included several presentations. My radiation oncologist emceed and also gave one of the talks.

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Not Done Yet

I'm 55 years old and have had Renal Cell Carcinoma since January of 2013. Kidney removed in April of 2013. Reocurrance in surrounding lymph nodes and placed on Sutant. Surgery to remove 17 surrounding lymph nodes at Mayo Clinic in December of 2013. I was removed from medication and put on survailance. Reocurrance in lymph node on right bronchial tube (Stage IV) and placed on Votrient since June of 2014. I am experiencing good results with the tumor and other marker indicators not being visible on my last scan. I am planning to retire in December on 2015 (SSD). My new job is fishing :).

The Day My Life Changed

Hi all. First off, thank you for taking time out of your precious lives to stop here and read my blog. This is my VERY first blog so bare with me and I get the feel of it and do my research! Hope i don't bore you too much! I really wanted my first blog to be on where it all really started for me. Where my life to a left turn. Or a right. Not sure on that lol. But it definately has been a neverending rollercoaster after that turn. Many ups. Many, many, MANY downs. But that left or right turn is the reason why I am here breathing!

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