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Need Rconstruction of my removed part(upper Jaw) in mouth

I am suffering from sqamous cell carcinoma in mouth ,removed my upper jaw since oct.2014 and still open, my doctor is ready to close it but my mouth is shrink

not opening more for surgery due to radiation. what can I do for open my more mouth

Dreading external and internal radiation

Hi I'm Lydia. I'm 63 years young and was diagnosed with uterine cancer stag 3b. I have had a complete hysterectomy. I'm currently doing sandwiched chemo/radiation therapy. I am currently in my 3rd round of chemo and radiation is next. I am to have both external and internal. Even though chemo has had its rough times, I am really dreading radiation. I would greatly appreciate anyones insight on what to expect.

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Cervical Cancer Stge 3C1

Sept. 23rd, 2016, my first pap smear that showed postive for cervical cancer

My wife's cancer...


hi everyone ,odds are if your reading this .you are facing some things in life you have no control over.i for one cant believe,yet some how i can.that i probably have hurthel thyroid cancer.im having a TT on the 13th.im scared.im so afraid of cancer.my mom and brother died from it.mom was 63,and my brother was 19.so i have always been fearful i would have it.

2 yrs after


So yesterday I slept for about 13-14 hrs. Woke up and felt like I never even slept. My husband is awesome to where he lets me sleep. But still on the back of my mind I feel like this demon is coming back to haunt me again for the 3rd time. 

When I woke up this morning I felt refreshed but once I get home I get this haze over me and I can't do anything. I am just so  exhausted. 

cologuard test

I had a cologuard test and it came back positive any one out there had the same thing

husband cancer stage 2 died

My husband had breast cancer stage 2. They removed his left breast and 15 lymph nodes. Only had cancer in one. He then was given 27 radiation treatments and waited one week and they gave him chemo. He had it on Friday and by Tuesday I had to take him back to the hospital where they did all. By the time we got there he had no white blood cells was bleeding and hair was falling out. They admitted him to the hospital and he was there 17 days. The first day he was there the dr.

Lung Cancer

I'm new to this. This is my first day 11-30-16 on here. I am a lung cancer survivor. I wake up every day happy to be alive. I had a very good team of doctors. 


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