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To Shave or Not To Shave

Well, I had my first chemo treatment on april 10 (Cytoxan & Taxotere) with the Neulasta shot given the following day.  I did have my hair cut about a week ago (it was about 5 inches past my shoulders).  Surprisingly, I have gotten a lot of compliments on my new bob and I'm actually starting to like it too.  However, my hair is now starting to fall out (and pretty quickly).  I am struggling with shaving it and am really irritated with myself.  I told myself that I needed to do this this past weekend but couldn't.

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I was diagnosed with stage 2 b cervical cancer on april 2, 2014.  I  started chemo radiation treatments on april 12.  besides feeling very tired and having some bowel issues, im doing ok. If anyone could please give me some advice on anything here, or would like to know more about me, please dont hesitate to ask.  Thank you.




Everyday is a Miracle

My Mommy has Stage 4 Breast Inflammatory Cancer with Skin, Lung Mets and Triple Negative. Diagnosed March 2012. Undergone 11 cycles of chemotherapy, 33 sessions of radiation and radical mastectomy. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy of taxol and cisplatin weekly with one week off. The first round of chemo was extremely painful. She can't put into words the pain she is experiencing. She sat and bend over clutching a pillow and I can see how much she is in pain and that is so difficult to see. I gave my Mom her holy rosary to hold on to.

Recurrence Renal Cell Carcinoma

My dad had a right nephrectomy Sept. 1990. Dr checked him for five years and said no way it would come back after 5 Years. Jan. 2014 he was having pain in low back, left leg. Dr kept telling him it was sciatica. Three months later they decided to do a MRI and now he was told it was Recurrence Renal Cell Carcinoma. One oncologist told him 6 months. Another one told him he could live several years.

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3 years this may (radical kidney removal)

Hello all


Its been 3 years this May that I have had my surgury and have been doing great. I  had my left Kidney removed and life is well back on track.. I hope this fines anyone comforting that might be going through the same surgury (Radical Kidney removal)

My daugher is growing up and knowing that the cancer is out of my body, is a great feeling. 

Sometimes I forget as I really did just go back to my normal life after surgury.


Partial Remission Status

As of April 2014, my lungs are clear of mets and my treatments have been modified to inlude only Erbetux every two weeks. The elimination of Irenetecon has meant a great deal to me since I now am not confined to the house for a week after treatment because of the side effects. It's great to be able to schedule travel over a weekdns and during the weeks I don't have treatments.


My first entry

Hi!  I don't know how this works, but I'll try.  I have stage 3 uterine cancer with lower abdomenal nodes positive for cancer and asceites found in my abdomen.  Yikes!  I started this "journey" just after losing my father, and a few months after losing my mother (my father to cancer, my mother to a botched knee replacement).  I was bleeding heavily, contacted the gyn, was told I shouldn't worry about cancer, but was scheduled for an ultrasound anyway.


Hello. I am new and do not know the ends and outs of this site.

My wife has stage 4 breast cancer and I am the only one here other then her.

She is now doing radiation and later will do chemo.

Its hard! Its frustrating!

I am not the cleanest, neated, organized person to start with but she no longer has the energy to do much. We do have a housekeeper once a week and a nurse twice a month but I feel alone! ALONE!

Grade 3 astrocytoma

About to see my 1 year anniversary of the seizure that lead to the discovery/removal/treatment/remission of the cancer that caused it.  The internet is a terrible place to find yourself "researching" brain cancer.  Googling "life spans for grade 3 astrocytomas" is a horrible idea for many reasons including small data sets used to make predictions ("Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics"), success stories are very hard to find because the success stories got of the internet and kept on keepin on, and according to Dr.

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So, here I am...and how I got here....

April 14, 2014

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