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Back in the Saddle

I had my three-month checkup with my oncologist on May 5. All of my blood work results were normal -- for the first time since April 7, 2014. *fist pump*


Hey ladies! I am thinking about not taking my Arimidex for about two weeks. Reason? Joint pain, hot flashes especially alnight, no energy, not interested in sex, etc. I han=ve mentioned this to my oncologist, he insinuated is all age related. I am 56, single, and hurts to get out of bed. I work eight hrs a day, some overtime. hen I get home, I am done for the day!

I am considering stopping Arirmdex and see if anything changes. What do you think gals?



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I'm Scared, Mixed Emotions, Hopeful

I'm Female 53, I had a breast lumpectomy (stage 2_ductal cancer)and underarm lymph nodes removed also 4/16/15  (2 lymph nodes were affected.)


I've postponed chemo. I'm not ready, I'm afraid, just want a month to not deal with this.

Oncologist is doing an Oncotype test to see if I am low risk. Maybe no chemo at all.


My surgeon says I should have a mastectomy in the future because of microcalcifiations in the same breast.

Possible non-Hodgkins??

I could use some advice from you guys...I'm a single, widowed mother of 2 children, including a permanently, severely disabled 13-year-old girl that I need to continue to care for.  My mom's mom died of nonHodgkin's B cell.....she got it twice in life.  I have had right sided headaches for 3 years, and now, these headaches are worse, to where I push right behind my right ear and it's excruciating. It sends pain down my neck and up my face.  It isn't normal....I know it's not.  It makes me nauseous, not hear well, etc.

Surviving radiotherapy

Three years ago I was diagnoised with Cervical cancer which had spread to my pelvic lymphnodes and it was too late for surgery. I was told it could not be cured and controlling it was the only option. My son was only seven at the time so I told my Oncologist that he had to cure me and I would put up with any kind of treatment but he had to try to cure me.

Starving to Death

Is anyone else due to long term battling llitterally starving to death?  Ok, so realisticly I still have a chance,  Un-realisticaly for over two yrs. myself and two dogs have bordered starvation even with the blessed $25 a month food stamps we get from the state of New Mexico. I'm anemic, sertonin levels are dangerously low, making logical thinking near impossible, and dealing with others a shameful daily experience.  More often than not I awake repeatedly asking myself the same question, (This is what I'm fighting for?).

Stage 4, colorectal patient

hi im saIma from UK.. Stage 4  colorectal cancer patient,she 36, 3 young kids, on my second round of chemo.. Just wanted to know if there are any stage 4 colorectal cancer patients out there...

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Gliobomastoma multiforme

my name is miguel I am from Puerto Rico and in 2012 I had a cancer in all the parts of my body  live, kidneys, texticular ,stomage ,polips in my eyes and also the brain I been dealing with this for 3 years already I been fighting buts it been a can hard journing I just need a lot of support and also I need to raise money cause my treatment it is so spencive I belive we are on the same page but at least keep in your prayers have a blessing day

My mom has stomach cancer

when you are down that is when you know your true friends

you no the saying  that says you will only no your true friends when you are down well that also goes for families. you see i was so down to the point of death and my own family was not there to help and to support me, this is my story.

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