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today I did my first sucessful rad  treatment, yesterday as soon as I was connected to the table I ha a bad anxiety attack. Never had that nefore, scared me so much I felt like a siss  (no ofense to any one intended).

i used to wear gas mask for many hours during the day and even slept in them at night   I have no idea why that happened. 

Well, that parts over with and I can now complete my treatments.




EC Nine years and counting

I'm sharing this now because my Doctor and his staff calls my story a vision of hope for others facing what I've been through.  I freely admit that I was scared to death at times, depressed at times, and questioned often if the suffering was worth the cure and at times I just wanted it to be over. 

Just finished carb/taxol

hi all,

i was diagnosed with "Ovarian" cancer on the 1st of April 16, after being given the clear for breast cancer after 5 years of treatment in Feb 16. A great practical joke aye!

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6 Days until Chemotherapy...

Another sleepless night, The words flow out of my mind like a dripping faucet annoying and costly. I'm sick of tossing and turning and the pain. I'm afraid that my world is crashing down around me and no one understands it except me. I'm so good at being the savior for other's that I'm afraid that I'm unable to know how to save myself. I start chemo next week and the only thought I have is losing my hair and becoming more weak and even more unattractive than I already feel.

The Day I Started to Live

October 20 2016 - The day I started to live (and began to die) 71 years and I spent my life doing what others expected of me. As of 10.20.16 I am having none of that wasted life. I am enjoying every day and every miniute answering to no one but myself. The more I pleased everyone the more they took.

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My Cancer History

I had my prostate removed on October 3, 2003 at Sloan Kettering Hospital, NY.

It was done robotically and I was sent home after 2 days.

For 12 years, my PSA level had remained at 0.01 which is normal.

During this past year it is has move to 0.6 and then most recently, it has moved to 1.5.

Is there anything that is happening that should cause some concern?? I am 71 years old and very active physically. 

prostate cancer

   I had my prostate removed, and then had to have radiation. After radiation my psa score dropped 82%, YEA! Well not so much. My psa went from a .02 toa.03, and now it is at a .06. My doctor said wait another 6 mo. to see what my next psa says before he startes treatment. He said hormone treat. is next with other meds. I have been reading about the hormone therapy and the various drugs.

   I would be glad to hear from you all about your experiences.


   Thank you,



Prolia therapy for osteoporosis


I am interested in finding out if anyone has taken the injection Prolia for osteoporosis. I am at the end of my five years of tamoxifen, and my bone density tests have discovered that my bones have weakened. I would welcome any feedback on your experiences.


I work for a Physician and I kept saying something isn't right with my periods. They were extremely heavy and painful. He ordered Ultrasounds which showed uterine benign fibroids. I kept complaining and one night the pain and bleeding was so intense I went to the ER, which is totally not me, I've never gone to the ER. While at the ER the doctor treated me as though I was just having a bad period and wanted to give me pain medication and send me home. I barely take Tylenol I was not going to mask this with a narcotic SOMETHING was wrong. I demanded an Ultrasound.


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