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Is life the same after treatment

I am new to this cancer thing. I haven't even had a biopsy done yet but my ent said he was sure I had tonsil cancer. the first I heard the word cancer was from a stomach doctor for whom I was painting a church he owned  

How Exercise Can Help Cancer Survivors

The relationship between exercise and cancer is becoming clearer with each new study that is done. Research continues to show how exercise can play a vital role in cancer prevention and control and lead to the growing number of cancer survivors.

I don't think you can meet a person today who hasn't themselves or know someone who has battled or is battling this disease. I myself have lost my mom to breast cancer and my

Esophageal Cancer

I am a 71 year old who was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer last September (2015).  At the time, I was advised that surgery and a cure was no doubt out of the question.

Since then I have had chemo therapy and radiation and several endoscopies, the last one being in September this year.  I just had another PET Scan and it shows no sign of spreading.  My Oncologist had recommended I visit a surgeon at the Moffitt Cancer Center located in Tampa Florida which I have done.  He is recommending I have an Esophagectomy because of previous PET Scans  and being in good health.

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Another day

this is for everybody at CSN that I have talked to. All of you are Great!!! Knowing there are others like my makes this journey suck less. I've watched you talk with total strangers and make them feel welcone. You gave them the strengoth to go another day, took away some of their/our fears.

i wanted to say that before I go to treatment.

my journey

The road has been bumpy to say the least. I was diagnosed with breadt cancer back in 2015. Needless to say i was in a mode of survival. I had no idea this would happen to me. You just think when you get your mamogram everything will be fine. Little did i knowthat i would face chemo mastsectomy hysterectomy eye surgery due chemo drugs have pstd from all of it. Anyway im now cancer free but still face life challenges everyday. Thank god my children whete 16 and 18 whrn this started. They are my angels among many others. Oh did i mention my husband suffers from kidney failure.

What would You Do after chosing a likely bad end?

I look at the blue sky

Feel the wind

breathe the smells  enjoy sleeping and waking up    a good healthy small portion meal and liking it

looking out my window  watching TV looking at computer

not feeling that day in day out dragging me down to the point of ... bone pain aggravated by Lupron and telling the doc and having him tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.

never really wanted much more other than to be needed and to be left alone.

guess I will get what I deserve but unti lthen my time and my enjoyment is my own.

Another day of being alive

mowed lawn - what a very long time that I could do that simple job and enjoy it and not pay the price for two days afterward. (1/8 acre including home)

enjoyed companionship of my two little dogs - my old dog showed me how to die and the two new young dogs are showing me how to live.

bought two beginner cigars at the cigar shop - most mild - never smoked - I LIKE IT

A Marathon Not a Sprint

My husband of 38 years was diagnosed with lung cancer Stage 4, malignant pleural effusion and significant bone cancer.  Symptoms really intensified this past March.  Seriously, I thought he had a bad cough, I gave him nyquil so I could sleep at night.  Just an fyi here...nyquil does not touch lung cancer.  The symptoms progressively got worse. So much so that I insisted that I take him to the hospital.  Turns out that he was diagnosed in the hospital with blood clots in his lung and his leg, which we have since learned is also a result of the cancer.

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today I did my first sucessful rad  treatment, yesterday as soon as I was connected to the table I ha a bad anxiety attack. Never had that nefore, scared me so much I felt like a siss  (no ofense to any one intended).

i used to wear gas mask for many hours during the day and even slept in them at night   I have no idea why that happened. 

Well, that parts over with and I can now complete my treatments.




EC Nine years and counting

I'm sharing this now because my Doctor and his staff calls my story a vision of hope for others facing what I've been through.  I freely admit that I was scared to death at times, depressed at times, and questioned often if the suffering was worth the cure and at times I just wanted it to be over. 


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