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Clear Cell

Hi, I was recently diagnosed with stage IV clear cell carcinoma. I found a lump in my abdomen and went to see my OBGYN for a check up. We started with ultra sound and then MRI and still was not sure what it was. Sent to specialist (OBGYN Oncologist). I do have fibroid cyst so they were thinking maybe it had something to do with them. Had a CT guided biopsy done and results came back clear cell adenocarcanoma. Had a PET Scan done and it has spread and they are unsure of primary site still waiting on results from that test.

These Stars Defeated Cancer—And Thrived

Cynthia Nixon, Kylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman, Michael Douglas… these talented celebrities are just some of the many stars who’ve defeated cancer—and thrived.

For a disease that strikes one in three Americans in one form or another and looms like a deadly shark, each is a stunning example of the aspiring notion that there is life after cancer.


Greetings,  here comes my first entry,  but not first attempt.  overwhelmed since my fiance was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 5 months ago.  He is enduring chemo isolated in his home.  For the last 3 months,he has not responded to messages I send him by phone,  text,  email.  I continue to research to try to understand all of this beyter,  and be a good support and advocate , ,,,,,,IF he will allow me.

and struggle with grief,  heartbreak, confusion.




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I thought I'd all but eliminated my recurrence chances! NOT!!!

I may be a little long winded so I'll apologize in advance. In April 2008 I was diagnosed with DCIS In my right breast. I felt gut punched. I was only 44 and I was in the final month of wedding planning for my youngest daughter. I had lost my mom to breast cancer when she was only 38, so my thought was "cut 'em off doc!" And that's just what we did. Tested negative for both BRACA genes. Bilateral mastectomy with expander failure resulted in latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction. Told I didn't need to take Tamoxafin and no annual scans needed since I had no breast tissue left.

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my blog

Just a note to say hi to everyone here.  I just found this place and I want to tell you that there IS life after cancer.  I had both lung and brain, and beat them both, still in remission.

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Never Expected in a Million Years

During July I received a letter and a call from KAISER to get an every 2 year mammogram done.  I figured why not, I have the time.  A couple weeks later and another letter came saying I needed to come in and redo the mammo.  I figured the same process, but when I got there I began with the mammo, then a sonogram, and then a biopsy since they had time to get me in.  This was on a Tuesday.  I got a message on Friday that I had a referral to the surgery department.  This was scheduled for the following Tuesday.

Kidney cancer

In December 2015 I had a partial right nephrectomy. Then, in June 2016 I had a recurrence and had a right radical nephrectomy and lumpectomy on July 12, 2016. I'm also a type 1 diabetic and am on an insulin pump. Tomorrow I will get the results of my PET Scan (I had one malignant tumor in the fatty tissues outside of my kidney).

I've seen a nephrologist a few weeks ago and after he receives my lab work and PET Scan results he will give me more information about diet, etc.

kidney cancer

On Thanksgiving morning 1984, I passed blood in my urine. The next day, I went to the emergency room. I was told that perhaps I had a bladder infection. It was not infection. I was sent to a nephrologist and had ct scans and other tests. I was told that it was just a scar on my kidney and had to live with it. I became weak, my skin color changed and I was bloated. The blood never stopped.

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Journal entry

Today was a ok day. I didn't want to get out of bed but I had to my son starts school tomorrow so I had to get last minute things for him for school! Was feeling blue today because I was just thinking of all the things that need to be done but it's very limited. After talking to my friend I felt so much better just to hear him say that everything is going to be ok made me feel better! I know it will be but sometimes you just need to hear it from those that you are closer to!!! 


Ain3 Diagnois

Hello, I am a 69 year old women who has  just been diagnoised with AIN3 and recovering from surgery for the removal of it. This was found by having a colonascopy. I had no systems of anything wrong. My surgeon said he removed all he could see and will keep a close check to make sure he removed all of and it does not come back. I'm going through a lot of emotions right now as I've only been married for the second time 11 yrs.When I divorced my first husband I was tested for any diseases he could of gave me and at the time nothing showed up. Now 18 years later this shows up.


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