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Cancer of unknown primary (CUP)

Hi everyone, 


My father was diagnosed with CUP in April 2015 stage 3-4.  His biopsy results from his bone and lung confirmed it is colon cancer even though still no show after five colonoscopy’s.


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Diagnosed with Breast Cancer 12-10-2014

Here's my story:  In June 2011, I went for my yearly mammogram.  This time "something" showed up on my left breast.  I went back for another closer scan and it turned out to be nothing.  In November 2011, my husband and I moved to another state to be closer to my mother.  I phoned my gyn asking him if I was okay since I wasn't sure when I would be seeing another gyn in this new state.  (He had been my gyn since I was 21 and now I was 63.  I had bee

unique situation

I am the care giver for my 46 year old son. He has Leukmeia and also Downs Syndrome. Is there anyone out there in a similar situation? 

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Cancer Survivors Parks

I was in Minneapolis MN. and came across the park downtown, There's 24 parks across North America 2 in Canada and 22 in the United States.http://blochcancer.org/about/cancer-survivors-parks/

The link will explain what the park means to anyone touched by cancer. I was very impressed as how it came about and what it represents. Hope this may help someone who is looking to deal mentally with their journey.


Salivary gland tumor

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Words from my Mother

My mother has always said to me, life is way to short to let the little things get in the way. Live life like its your last because you never know when God may call you home.

My Mom & Colon Cancer

I found out my mom had a large mass in December 2014 & that it was in the right side of her colon & it was cancer stage 3, she had surgery & the mass was able to be removed, she had to wait 6 weeks after surgery before doing chemo but all tests was showing normal, blood tests, CEA levels & cat scan, my mom wanted to wait until the first of June to start her chemo because it was my brother's senior year, but that was only 3 months away at that time, when she did go after he graduated to the cancer center she wa

Just trying this out

Checking this out to get faimiliar.

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Where does the time go?

All my cancer sisters and brothers understand what I mean. Time is so very relative. I cling to an instantaneous moment of joy with a loved one but wonder where I spent all my time before cancer.

I thought I was ready to start chemo but now that it is tomorrow I am not so sure anymore. So many things I'd hoped to prepare and complete, but like taking a vacation you never finish the checklist. 



So I have gallbladder cancer but that is all I know for sure. They found out about my cancer AFTER they removed my gallbladder. I don't think the surgeon who removed the gallbladder expected the pathoology report to come back as cancer. Anyway, the primary source of the cancer is gone. Maybe they caught it early, maybe not. Its all a waiting game.

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