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First blog ever


I started this cancer journey late last year. 

What an education this has been. 

I am dealing with continting side effects from radiation and chemotherapy. Even though treatments ended last Thursday. 


My mother is suffering from Stage 4 metastized Colorectal Cancer to the lining of the stomach and liver.  She takes chemo treatments at Sloan Kettering and just finished 20 sessions of radiation at Winthrop Hospital.  Before going into Radiation, she was terrified of the chemo treatments.  The treatments leave her very weak and sick...

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Cancer Lens

My oncologist gave me the good news on Tuesday: my PET scan last week showed no sign of cancer. He said the front desk could print me out a copy of the report. I told him that I had already downloaded my copy from See Your Chart, the patient access portal used by my cancer center.

Tonsil worry

I've had swollen lymph on right side for over 6 weeks and have hole in right tonsil, recurrent throst infection which don't respond to anti bs on off fever and constant tiredness, had throat swabs taken but not back yet, bloods came back satisfactory, just have such a bad feeling in my belly and it's terrifying me, I dong want to worry famy unnecessarily so I've came on here in the hope of finding some reassurance 

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i am 4 years post surgery,chemo,and radiation and I have been having shooting pains in my chest that take my breath away and I am wondering if it could be effects of radiation.  Has anyone had similar symptoms?

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It will be 6 years on June 2nd that I have been in remission Praise God.


I have not been on this site for years.  I was diagnosed with Follicular NHL in 2009 and feeling great.  I am so blessed.  I started a cancer support group in my church called Hope .

13 Year battle with Cervical Cancer now Metastic to Lymph Nodes and Hip Bone

I was diagnosed with Cervical cancer in 2002. I went through chemo, radiation, radiation implant surgery. The cancer kept coming back spreading around the Labia Vulva . Had many surgeries from 2002 to 2009. Durin an Oncologist visit in 2012 I was referred to a PET Scan which showed cancer in an Inguinal Lymph Node . I was sent in for a needle biopsy confirming it was cancer. My diagnoses was inoperable incurable.I was referred to Chemotherapist. In March 2013 I began Chemotherapy of Carbo & Taxol Lost all my hair had neuropathy in my feet.

Any help welcome

Does anyone have similar numbers that's don well without having surgery

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Clinical Trial

Just as I was resigned to the fact that my lifespan is limited due to my cancer and taking it in stride I was contacted about the possibility of doing a trial in Maryland at the National Cancer Institute. Now that's quite a distance and I may have to be there several times.  If I am accepted it is a phase 1 therapy (first human study) on how my tumors react to the drug.  It may or may not shrink them thus giving me more time.  And the side effects aren't as bad as they were with traditional radiation and chemo treatments.

Living with GIST

In 2010 I had breast cancer.  Because my family has a history of breat cancer, i.e. mother, aunt, sister, me, I elected to have a bilateral mastectomy.  In 2012 I was diagnosed with gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST).  I was 80 years old and surgery was never offered.  I started taking Gleevec 400 mg once a day.  The multiple side effects are difficult, however I am able to live a fairly normal "old lady" lifestyle and praise the Lord every day that I don't have to go to work.  After 25 radiation treatments in Aug. and Sept.

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