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Seven Minutes (and other miscellany)

On Tuesday (and on the next three days) I did a basic plank for three minutes and side planks for two minutes each -- to "Eitheror" by Little People, chopped up into timed clips so that I wouldn't have to look at the clock.

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Dreams Do Come True

It's busy. I had my bathtub taken out and gutted the bathroom and put in tile and a shower, while they were at it I asked for a heated floor, too.  All of this came about when a brother in Christ asked what he could do for me.  He owns a carpet and tile business and told us not to worry about paying him right now.  Anyway, it took a week to do and dust everywhere. I am glad that I am still feeling good so I could clean up afterward.

Pelvic Radiation Disease

Subsequent to being 23 years out,  w/the timely assistance of Dr.'s,  I have a few helpful meds. Questran for IBS,  along w/Lactaid & the occasional Lomotil or Immodium, typically prescribed to lower cholesterol, bunus!  I can eat many more foods & wish Questran had come along 20 years ago. Fixed in 1 dose, but MUST remain dilligent,  consume almond milk & vitamin D.  Found out last year, anyone w/PRD is @ higher risk for Squamous, Colon & Bone from radiation, got Colonoscopy & radiation ulcer found.

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Radical Nephrectomy for 14 cm tumor (RCC) 1/15/2015

On 11/27/14 Thanksgiving Day and my husband's birthday. We went to the local ER, my husband had back pain and blood in his urine. We thought he had past a kidney stone. Come to find out it was a 14 cm tumor, pushing up against his Vena Cava. I'm writing this because reading these posts have helped me get through this nightmare.

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"While I viewed these mountains [the Rockies] I felt a secret pleasure in finding myself so near the head of the heretofore conceived boundless Missouri; but when I reflected on the difficulties which this snowey barrier would most probably throw in my way to the Pacific, and the sufferings and hardships of myself and party in them, it in some way counterballanced the joy I had felt in the first few moments in which I gazed on them; but as I have always held it a crime to anticipate evils I will believe it a good comfortable r

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loving wife

My husband went in for a well check up appointment August 2013 and recieved a call the next day that a spot was seen on his lung. We went the next day for an upper CT scan that showed 2 spots the size of quarters and 22 the size of peas.  I was in Shock! The next day the lung Dr called me & said we need to get a lower CT scan, it looks like something on the kidney. More shock! Lower scan showed mass on kidney & need of radical nephrectomy! By this point I am frantically googling everything I can on kidney cancer. Lung biopsy showed inconclusive.

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Hi there, I am new to doing blogs so excuse or advise is welcome.  I had a colonoscopy last January and everything looked good except, I was told by the surgeon that I had hemerroids. Since they didn't bother me I did nothing about them. 

In Need of Advice

I live downstairs from my Gram.  She had Melanoma on her nose several years ago.  We found out last August it is back.  The Dr.s removed her nose.  Shortly thereafter they found that she is full of Melanoma.  Untreatable.  They gave her 4-6 months.  I have a 9 year that sees her a lot.  We have not told him that Gram is terminal.  He knows she is sick.  Her time is nearing.  When we found out she was sick, my husband and I made the decision to not tell him she is dying.  I don't see what good it will do for him to know.  He is

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Bare Headed Lady

The days and weeks following the end of active treatment fill with mini-celebrations of the type one might otherwise take for granted. Shaving my chin hairs with a safety razor again. Switching from extra-soft toothbrush back to soft toothbrush. Being able to resume sleeping on my stomach without discomfort.

mother with spinal leiomyosarcoma

My 70 year mother had surgery for leiomyosarcoma on her right wrist.  The cancer was appparently removed and needed to heal.

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