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Washing Dishes with Cancer Chapter Twenty-nine.

I don't look back- and so if anyone reads this I want to say that there might be some repetiton from Chapter 28.  And I don't write to make anyone sad; I write for myself because I am discovering so much love.  There was so much underneath all that conflict, dormant.  Inactive, backed up, waiting to break open, come alive, breathe.  Alive with love.

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The Darn C word again

I was 29 years old when my C journey began - Not quite sure how I reacted then cause I was young and thought - well they will just go in and get it!


I was diagnosed 4/28.  I hate 4/28..... that would make a good start for a rap song. 

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Feeling hopeless

this is my first blog. my name is Tania and i'm battling recurrant stage 4 ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed late feb/ early march 2015. Had 3 rounds of carbo/tax followed by debulking and hysto and then 4 more rounds of carbo/tax. My CA125 went from a high if 1745 to 7 and clean CT in Sept 2015!  I could hardly believe it, my prayers were answered i was cancer free!  Very short lived my CA125 started to creep up and in Dec CT reviled reoccurrence with tumors in abdomen, bladder, peritoneum, and for first time liver.

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Praying for Jeremy


Im looking for answer and useful advice.  My only daughter got married in 2014 to the love of her life they already had a daughter when they got married, they had been trying to have another since the tied they knot but no luck.  In January this year they got the blessing of a new baby on the way,  however the excitement did not last long since her husband Jeremy has been diagnosed with GRADE II GLIOMA ASTROCYTOMA. 


How bad is this ?

Is it survivable?

What is the Quality of Life?

How long is the treatment?

Scientist Carcinoma

I have been diagnosed with cancer stage 1 on my left vocal cord.  I am 50 and everything seems to go downhill from that moment.  I have had 14 treatments, not counting today.  I am scheduled for 28 treatments.  I was doing terrific until this week.  I am having a hard time eating and drinking.  If I eat or drink too fast, it feels as if I have razor blades in my throat.  I also had a kidney transplant in 1987 and have to take medicine every day.  I have to take one pilll at a time and it is still painful to swallow.  Starting last night, I have had excessive salvia.  It has continued until 

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First time entry

Hello all.


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Vocal Chord Cancer aftermath.

I was diagnosed with cancer of the Vocal chords in 2011. In fact my ENT orginally said "It's either warts or canncer. And you'd better hope it is Cancer, that we can trat while warts keep coming back.

Well it's now 5 years later and my ENT is just about to cut me loose.

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When cancer returns

Initially when one receives news of a cancer diagnosis it is shocking, sudden, and seems unreal. The second notice that less than a year later the cancer has returned is even more of all that and then some. Along with those things there is a constant voice that says "give up" , but even with that ever present voice there is also faith. Faith says," Never give up, have faith in God."

So I am choosing to follow the 2nd voice.  Where , when, and how it will end only He knows. One thing I do know regardless of what the future holds He is with us all the way.


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